WhatsApp is testing self-destructing messages

Social media comes handy when you want to, eh, socialize. WhatsApp offered a featured known as “Blue Ticks” which was known as the most controversial feature. Similarly, other social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Signal, and Telegram provide a “self-destructing messages” feature, wherein users can set a timer for messages in your conversation with someone; those messages will disappear after the defined time. If a report by WABetainfo is to be believed, Facebook is testing this on WhatsApp.

Bearing the version 2.19.275, the feature was tested in WhatsApp’s group chat settings. It basically lets you set a timer that will destruct the messages. You can set the timer to either 5 seconds or 1 hour, there aren’t any other options. Many might ponder the real usage of this feature. This might be useful for those users who send a lot of “sensitive information” but don’t want to leave any trace behind.

WABetaInfo didn’t list any other details about the feature, say when it will be available for everyone, or what capabilities it will eventually have. The feature might not be available to everyone on the beta just yet. I suppose James Bond or coveted superheroes might be happy with this feature. Or just normal people who gossip about their colleagues.


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