Here's how the iPhone 14 Pro series will pull the 'no-notch' look


Apple introduced the notch back in 2017 with its first-ever full-screen iPhone X on the iPhone's 10th anniversary.

The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will replace the infamous notch with a pill-shaped cutout and a small spot for the selfie cam.

The current notch houses an infrared camera, a selfie camera, a dot projector, and a depth sensor in a cramped space.

According to the patent claim, the IR light emitter isn't limited to a specific installation location and can be moved to a less-constrained space.

Although doing the rounds on the internet, it's not guaranteed that Apple will do away with the notch.

The 2021 re-designed MacBook Pros and the 2022 M2 MacBook Air have a notch that houses a 1080p webcam and ambient light sensor.

A Twitter user DuanRui - who predicted the iPhone 12 Mini even before Apple announced it - tweeted photos of dummy iPhone 14 Pro models with pill cutouts and selfie cam punch holes.

Ice Universe posted another Twitter user tweeted a photo of a "dummy" iPhone 14 Pro but with a clear emphasis on the pill cutout and selfie cam punch hole.

We'll see if the rumors turn out on September 7th, when Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14 series and some other tech products.

Apple iPhone 14 series launch on September 7, 2022