Here’s Why BTS Didn't Attend the 2022 MTV VMAs


With five nominations, including Group of the Year, Best K-pop, and Best Choreography, BTS received the most nominations for VMAs 2022.

BTS won 4th consecutive Group of the Year award at VMAs 2022

However, BTS chose not to travel to the United States for the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.

In June, Music company HYBE announced that the BTS members were taking a break from group projects.

They are currently concentrating on solo projects, which is the main reason why they missed VMAs.

J-Hope released his solo project, Jack in the Box, on July 15, 2022.

On October 15, BTS will perform a group performance in Busan, South Korea, for the ARMY who can't wait to witness the members together.

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