21 Useful Tools and Resources for Designers in 2018 & Beyond

Are you avoiding taking up new web development projects due to a shortage of accessible designing resources and tools in your firm? Then you must pay attention to this as designing is an integral part of any organisation. If you cannot come out with the unique marketing ideas in your ads and campaigns, then you have to bear the loss. Creative designs only help your firm to stand firmly in the competitive market.

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So, today we have compiled a list of 21 Useful Tools and Resources for Designers in 2018.

The tools mentioned below will definitely save your time, and you will be able to take up new web development tasks. The designers are the busiest people as they spend most of their time in conferences, taking feedbacks, collaborating with clients, meeting deadlines and preparing the framework for the new upcoming contract.

To market a particular design, designers have to create an acceptable vision of the idea for better understanding. They need various tools to simplify their work and show their best creativity in the form of viable designs. So, below are the resources which you might need for streamlining your work by collaborating it easily.

21 Useful Tools and Resources for Designers

1. HOWdesign

It is an online print publication offering developers with instructions and resources on refining their abilities, career, and business.

Useful Tools and Resources for Designers

2. The Dieline

This website keeps you updated with latest and upcoming trends in product designing and packaging.

3. TypeKit

It is Adobe’s paid service where you can download various fonts or insert them into your projects easily.

4. Google Fonts

GF offers you with the best and free open source typefaces that you can use in every kind of design, be it for your personal or business use.

5. ProofHQ

It is a multifunctional tool which collaborates with designs and gathers feedback. Its workflow organization keeps assignments on track and incorporates with many file sharing and project management platforms.

6. Notism

With Notism, you can share feedback via notes or by sketching over the design. It supports video responses and coordinate design by types so that you can easily compare various mock-ups.

7. Adobe color

With Adobe colour, you can make your designs appealing by picking a colour, and then find an equivalent, supportive, multifaceted, or chord color patterns or various alternatives of the shade.

8. DesignTNT

This website comprises HTML outlines, surfaces, Photoshop strokes, Illustrator panaches, and lessons to start your designing work.

9. Noun Project

Many contributors have invented icons for this tool. You can download the images for free by just giving credit to the creator. The paid version of this website gives you access to unlimited downloading of images without any ascription.

10. Subtle Patterns

Want an excellent but elusive design for your webpages’ background, then try this website for more patterns. It has got a huge collection which will suit your individual needs.

11. Velositey

This Photoshop plug-in offers you tools to design the website quickly. Its pre-defined segments and design patterns can be added easily, giving you more time to fine-tune the details of your mockup.

12. Weex

It is used to create a mobile app and the code you write quite simple. You can make intuitive apps by using HTML, Javascript, CSS.

13. Drizzle

Want to develop web pages quickly, then this UI toolkit has the extremely flexible design system. Its different components like code extracts, citations, can be pulled together into more complex page draughts.

14. Typography Handbook

Want to experiment with the various kinds of fonts, then this crisp and referential guide has to typographic web practices.

15. Docsify

It’s an enchanted documentation site creator which is clean and lightweight. It has numerous themes and no statistically constructed HTML files.

16. Reframe

It is a JavaScript plugin that makes impassive components approachable.

17. Lorem Ipsum 

If you are a designer, then you surely want to check how your final design looks like. Lorem Ipsum allows you to create replica versions for your design. You can personalise various setting as per your convenience and purpose of use.

18. Site123

If you need full feature-rich site building tool, then consider Site123 for all handy resources to build your website. It has power-packed styles and layouts for your site with no requirement of special coding.

19. WpDataTables

wpDataTables is a chart-topping WordPress plugin which makes your design with tables, graphs, and file management stress-free.

20. Pro

Pro is a creative site building tool which consists of three builders- header, footer, and content. It also offers quality tools via 3rd party which increases functionality and design options.

21. Pressmate

Pressmate is an exceptional WordPress assistance service that helps organizations and small companies sustain their websites and website-building paraphernalia by offering WordPress, and WordPress theme and plugin updates.


The above-mentioned useful tools and resources for designers will definitely help in giving an appealing look at your website. The layout of web pages must be designed prudently as it is the only way to capture the attention of the viewers towards your website. Though website designing is a tedious task, if you use such tools, it makes your work quick and accessible.

There is end number of tools and resources available in the market for various business types. It is up to you to choose the best amongst all. It also depends on the task assigned to you and the function of each tool. The tools which add more flexibility to your work must be considered first.


  1. Great post. For designers, I’d like to suggest ProofHub – the best collaboration & project management tool. This tool is loaded with features like proofing, group chat, notes and discussions which makes collaboration very easy.


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