How to Optimise content using Transition words in Yoast SEO

[Optimise content using Transition words in Yoast SEO]

You guys might have updated your Yoast SEO plugin to its newer version, Right? If not, you’re going to miss a lot because there are a couple of utile features added to make better content.

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Yoast has rendered a separate content tab for doing better content optimisation. The keyword analysis has been separated with the content analysis. A transition word is a new feature added to the content analysis tab for increasing the user readability. It is, however, good because transition word is now being considered as one of the factors affecting the search engine optimisation.

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In addition to this, you should also make sure that the sentences containing transition words should not contain more than 20 words because it is a sign of poor SEO.

What is a Transition word?

Transition word is simply a signal word for actions like cause, comparison, conclusion, contrast, etc. Words like because, also another, furthermore, so, rather, therefore, maybe, most of all, are represented as transition words. They are simply a conjunction between your sentences. It joins two or more sentence giving the actual message of your content. The screenshot given below shows some great examples of transition word.

transition words

It has been found that using transition word in a blog post helps in easing the readability and understanding. Therefore, for ranking higher in the search engines results page, the content should be consistent and must contain at least 30% of transition words.

Content optimisation using transition words

It is troublesome to green up every bullet of Yoast SEO meta box as sometimes doing this affects the actual content. Other factors such as Flesch reading ease test, subheading, passive voice, long paragraphs, word count per sentence, increases the optimisation time of blogging.

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I always optimise my content after writing it properly. Doing both the things at the same time disturbs the blogger’s mind, and he starts optimising the content rather than writing it correctly. So the optimisation is a gift and curse at the same time. It is entirely up to the blogger that how he uses it.

Well, the shorter paragraphs are also counted as a positive side of well SEO optimised content. And, if it contains a transition word, the game is yours.

Summarising your content is the best place where you can use transition words. Yoast respects a quality content and also ranks ’em higher in the search engine result’s page. It’ll be very profitable for bloggers if SEO is the primary source of their website traffic.

transition words

As you can see that, I’ve used 33.3% of transition words in this blog post. Make the use of it.

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    • You cannot anonymously put the transition words in your post. It should be meaningful. And there is no site for getting transition words. As you can see that I’ve given the screenshot in the above post as an example. The main aim of this trait is to direct your readers to your topic. Give them the reasons why you write this, use conjunctions, etc. And red sign definitely means that the SEO is not fairly written.

  1. Hey PRAKHAR, this is a really great article on the latest Yoast update. I really like the screenshot and I’ve already bookmarked this page. Thanks!

  2. Very helpful post, Prakhar
    Especially for people who are not perfect in writing in English.
    I had long trouble with this and sometimes still have.
    Good to know what transition words mean, the same with
    passive voice 🙂 Long sentences often can be shortened.
    Good to see the screenshot.
    Thank you

    • Good to see that you liked this article. Thank you for your kind words and for passing by. I really appreciate your contribution & conclusion.


  3. Hello, I wonder if you may help me.
    I used transition words in one of my posts, but SEO YOAST tells me I didn’t at all: 0% sentences use a transition word. Of course, the plugin is updated. How comes, then? What did I miss? Thank you so much.



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