How to transfer videos or movies from PC to iPhone/iPad

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If you’re using an iPhone or iPad for movie entertainment on-the-go, then you should probably think of how to transfer videos and movies from your computer to your iOS device. The standard and most common way to do it is to make use of iTunes, the official iOS device management application provided by Apple. In addition to it, there are also other easier methods to get the job done.

If you’re confused about how to transfer videos/movies to your iPhone, then don’t worry! I’ve got you covered here. This article will show you all the best methods with/without using iTunes with detailed instructions. Read on to find out which method suits you best.

How to Transfer Videos or Movies from PC to iPhone using iTunes

iTunes is regarded as the most familiar way to sync content like music, videos, ebooks… to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. However, the bloated interface of this application sometimes makes the process a big challenge for newbies. But believe me, putting videos on iPhone using iTunes is simple once you know how to do it properly.

First off, make sure you have the Videos app on your iOS device and the latest version of iTunes on your PC. Videos is a stock iOS app, but if you’ve removed this app, you need to reinstall it from the App Store. The following steps will show you how to manually add videos to iPhone, iPad using iTunes.

Step 1

Connect your iOS device to the PC via a USB cable

Step 2

On your PC, launch iTunes. For the first connection, iTunes should detect your device and a window will pop out prompting you to allow iTunes to read your iOS device’s data. Just click “Continue”. On your iPhone or iPad, a pop-up will also appear at the same time, asking for permission of the computer.  Tap “Trust” to continue.

Step 3

Now iTunes has gained access to your iOS device. Click the phone icon on the navigation bar and click “Summary” in the left sidebar. Scroll down to the “Options” section and check “Manually manage music and videos”. Click “Done” to save settings.

transfer videos or movies from PC to iPhone

Step 4

You need to import your videos into iTunes library from your computer before transferring them to your iOS device. You can do either of the following:

  • Drag your video files from the desktop to the iTunes window. If you add a folder, all the video files it contains are added to the library.
  • In iTunes, choose File > Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library, locate the desired file or folder and click Open.

transfer videos or movies from PC to iPhone

Step 5

In your Library, click “Home Videos” under “Library” in the left sidebar. Your imported videos are here. Now you can manually add them to your iPhone or iPad by dragging and dropping videos to “Movies” under your device’s name. Wait for iTunes to sync the content. Once done, open the Videos app on your iOS device and enjoy your videos and movies.

transfer videos or movies from PC to iPhone

Sharing via Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi hotspots are common in home and public areas these days. And this part will show you how to take advantage of your Wi-Fi hotspot to share videos between your iOS device and computer without iTunes.

There are several apps that support transferring files via a Wi-Fi connection, but when it comes to transferring videos & movies, I choose VLC for iOS. It’s one of the most popular video player apps for iOS devices and also a well-known application on other platforms.

VLC for iOS has a feature called “Sharing via Wi-Fi” and this feature will let you wirelessly upload videos files to your iOS device from a computer using a web browser. Here’s how to make use of it:

Step 1

Connect your iPhone or iPad and your computer to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2

Download the VLC for iOS app, and open it. Tap the VLC logo in the top-left corner of the main screen to open the app’s menu. You’ll find a toggle labelled “Sharing via Wi-Fi”. Since it’s turned off, its current status is “inactive server”.

transfer videos or movies from PC to iPhone

Step 3

Turn on the toggle. Take note of the web addresses the app gives you. Usually, one is an IP web address and one is a friendly web address. You can use either one of them.

Step 4

On your computer, launch a web browser. You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge or any web browser you like, it doesn’t matter. Use that web browser and access one of the two addresses VLC gives you before. If both of your devices are connecting properly to the same Wi-Fi network, you should see a web interface like in the image below.

transfer videos or movies from PC to iPhone

Step 5

To add videos or movies to your iPhone, you can simply open a file manager window and drag and drop the video files you want into the web browser. You can also click on the “+” button on the top-right corner to use the file picker dialogue. Just locate the files through a prompted-to-select window and select “Open”. Your videos, movies and even subtitle files will be transferred to the app’s library.

Not only does this app allow you to effortlessly send videos to your iPhone and iPad, you can also use it to download videos from the Internet using the Download function, get videos off the Library, and play many video file types that iOS doesn’t support by default including MKV and AVI.

If you hate to convert your movies to iOS supported video formats and then wrestle with iTunes to put them on your device, I bet you’ll love this method.


iTunes is a good way to organize contents of your iTunes library such as music, TV shows, movies, photos. And as you’ve seen, using this application is not too complicated. Once you’ve understood some of the basic controls, you can send contents to your iPhone easily with just a drag-and-drop affair.

VLC for iOS, on the other hand, lets you transfer videos and movies wirelessly without having to convert them into supported formats. Both methods have their own advantages and limitations.

Which one is your favourite way? Or do you know other methods? Let us know in the comments section below.

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