Keeping Your Team on Track: Top Project Management Tools That You Need

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Every successful business team needs the right project management tool to stay relevant. The tools have evolved over years to meet the needs of most modern businesses. The contemporary management software programs help to improve team communication. They also help in improving client communication and relationship. When you get to lay out your tasks using the software programs and have the tasks assigned to the right team player, you get to stay organized as you ensure that the assigned tasks are delivered on time.

Here are the Top Project Management Tools that you can use for effective business and staff management:

1. Paymo

Paymo is designed to help you improve your project delivery. It saves you the headache of having to manually manage your staff and tasks. The tool stands out from the rest mainly because it helps you work from a central place and simplifies the workflow in your organization. The tool enjoys global popularity and is currently used in over 50 countries around the world. Paymo is an app that is tailored to help the average businesses manage their projects effectively from the beginning to the end. Effective Paymo features include Time Tracking, Teams Schedules, Project Management, Accounting, and Vacation Planner.

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2. Basecamp

Basecamp is the most popular project management software of this age. This program boasts of simple-to-use feature and easy-to-understand interface. This helps you conveniently collaborate with the members of your team. With the Basecamp tool, you can easily setup discussions and several projects, organize schedules, manage files, create to-do lists, and transfer important documents. Basically, Basecamp allows you to manage all your projects as you consistently check the status of the proceedings through your mobile device. A competent IT support company should be able to help you enjoy the provisions of Basecamp. The tool is available on iOS, Mac, PC, Web, and Android.

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3. Asana

If you are running a creative business, Asana is the best choice for you. The app has a low learning interface curve that makes it easy to manage your projects. Access to the tool is based on the email structure and shareability. This means that you can organize the members of your team into effective groups to handle particular tasks. The Asana management tool is good for both small and average businesses. Top features of the app include Custom Fields, Project Progress Tracking, Inbox Feature, Conversations, and Designs. All these features allow you to monitor and manage your team easily. The application is compatible with iOS and Android programs and thus effective for most Smartphone users.

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4. Podio

Podio is a versatile application that helps you manage your business projects easily. The tool is normally used as a CRM and intranet system. Podia are fast gaining popularity and are effective in organizing and communicating with the members of your business. It allows you to tailor the platform so as to meet the requirements of your business. Its uniqueness is seen in the ability to customize your workforce to meet your specifications and goals. With this management tool, you can communicate with members of your team easily and set up tasks conveniently. You can also use this app as a file safe-storage system. Its top features include Guest Users, Integrations, Workspace, Integrated Chats, and Customizations.

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5. Wrike

Wrike is an effective online project management application. This is a tool that all members of the management and support system can use. Today, Wrike enjoys massive management online following. The tool is popular in many nations and has millions of subscribers around the globe. Considering its versatility, Wrike can be used by both small and big-sized businesses. Top features of the tool include Enterprise-Class Security, Analytics, Integrations, Custom Fields, and Approvals Workflow. With Wrike, you are guaranteed of the best project management and team governance.

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6. Scoro

The Scoro App is amongst the most comprehensive management software that is popular among many online users. It’s accepted among creative and professional businesses. The strength of the app is in its straightforward management features that ensure easy workflow. Considering its features and design, Scoro is one of the top management applications in the market today. The features of the tool include Planner and Schedule, CRM and Quoting Billing Automation, Customization, and Project Portfolio Management. To effectively use Scoro, applying for an Online Excel Course is advised but for professionals usually, an online course is not enough.

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7. Dapulse

The Dapulse software is amongst the most interesting management software to use. The tool is characterized by a low learning and great visual curve. In the email setup, the Dapulse management tool stands out in its easy-to-use email features, visual language, and task tracking. The tool is best for all businesses of any size. Its top features include Visual Timeline, Search, Visual Communication, Single Customizable Boards, and Sharable Boards. All these features are aimed at ensuring that the staff members get to deliver based on the stipulations of the task assigned.  In this case, you can easily monitor their performance and set quality scores based on the assessment.

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8. Redbooth

Redbooth is an application that brings together all aspects of communication and collaborations within the business. This helps in the centralization of the management of the project tasks. The app creates a central spot for conversations, file sharing, and shared tasks. The Redbooth software is easy to use as it has been in operation for many years. It is most popular for businesses that are busy and enjoys heavy traffic. Some of its top features include Project Templates, Task Priorities, Gantt Chat, Turn Emails into Tasks, and Workspaces.

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Generally, the management apps are important in ensuring that you get to assign tasks to team members and the projects are timely delivered. Since time is of the essence of any business, it’s wise to adopt at least one project management tool so as to improve the general workflow. In the long run, the efficiency of the business is enhanced through effective management and task assigning.

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