Top 5 WordPress Content Protection Plugin

Blogging and internet marketing has been changed a lot these days. The scenario is not the same as it was ten years back. A few Years back people used to write some 300-400 words crappy content or copy a whole piece of article, build some spam links and Boom! It would get ranked easily; this was because those days the competition was almost 0, but now the scenario is completely different.

Google got very smart nowadays and got much mire more active day by day. Now to rank a post or say a piece of containing a minimum of 500-1000 words article is quite good enough. But what if you find your content that you wrote entirely by your own on some other websites/blogs? I know it hurts! Then how, how to protect your content from getting stolen! If this is the question that is tickling in your mind then no worries, you are at the right place.

Today in this post we will list out Top 5 WordPress Content Protection Plugin that for sure will put an end to your tension. So like always without rolling out many let’s have a look at the Top 5 plugin, and you decide which to go for. Here we go. Boom!

Top 5 Content Protection Plugin

1. Yoast SEO Plugin


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Am pretty sure that you are thinking, what? How can an SEO plugin be related to content theft protection and in what way it is going to help? Well then, believe me, it going to help you a lot!

The biggest problem that is faced regarding the content theft is dealing with auto posting script or plugin that post your article without any attribute.

Yoast SEO Plugin has an RSS menu which helps you to add content directly to above and below every post in your RSS Feeds. Whatever be the content, there is a specific code which will allow you to add an attribution link to your RSS Feeds. This is done as because whenever your post is republished it generates a link back to the original website from where the content had been picked up.

This would let search engine and readers know about the real website and author of the post.

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2. WP-CopyProtect Plugin


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This is an excellent plugin for people dealing with frequent content theft on their website. WP-Copy Protect your content from getting stolen by disabling right click on all web page of that particular website as well as Inspect Element feature of Google Chrome which makes it tough for bots to copy content from your website/blog.

The most important part is disabling right click from your site to lock up your site content as well as coding. And for this WP-Copy Protect is an excellent plugin to go for. The best part is that it doesn’t affect your site SEO part as a search engine can still easily read and crawl your site.

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3.    WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click


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WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click Plugin will protect your Blog post from getting copied and even from being getting stolen by bots. This Plugin will protect your Homepage, post as well as pages by multiple techniques such as JAVA script + CSS.

No one likes to get his/her valuable content to get stolen! And even you too! So, this plugin is an all one protection plugin for you to prevent theft of your valuable content. Among the Top 5 Plugin we listed in this article, among them this is my personal favorite as it has hell amount of features that too without affecting SEO.

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4. Copyright Proof


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While Yoast SEO Plugin was not specifically designed to prevent content theft, though we found a way out to use it to protect our content to some extent. Copyright Notice Plugin was specially made for this reason to Stop Content Theft.

It provides you with a digitally signed stamp & time stamped content certificate that is each and every post on the websites that uses this plugin. This can help a lot in proving ownership.

Also, there are a lot of customizable options available to customise the plugin, like changing colour, size and lot more so that it fit best for you.

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5.    WP Content Copy Protection


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This plugin is pretty good one. It can protect your content from getting stolen especially from kids and beginners. As it disables copying your content either by mouse or by keyword using ctrl+A, ctrl+C, etc. Also, it disables right click unlike another plugin; overall it’s a good plugin thou looking at the rating and update frequency it’s quite pathetic.

Also, it protects your Images by removing URL from it. It disables features of chrome like; inspect element, source code and much more making it almost impossible for even bots to copy content from your website.

The best part is that this plugin works in the background silently and doesn’t affect SEO in any way. It’s a simple plugin. So just download, install, and that’s it. Rest of the work this plugin would do automatically.

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Woo! Finally, we have reached the end of this article, i.e., Top 5 WordPress Content Protection Plugin. Be careful because there are always lazy people out in this field who don’t like to work hard and get credit by copying other content. Try to use max 1-2 plugin out of this and not more than that or else it may affect site loading speed, thou am not sure about this, but we all know that ‘Precaution is better than Cure.’

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I hope this post helped you to put an end to the problem that you were facing of content theft. If this post helped you out, then do share this article.

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  1. Hello, Saurabh!

    So good to read about these freaky-awesome tools! 🙂

    Though I never hopped into such situation ever but these are really the great ones to install in such situation!

    Sharing it on my social life so the folks in need are reached to these tools to protect their content!

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