Tips And Tricks To Help You Master G-board – Google’s Super Smart Android iOS Keyboard!

Google is always on the top of the list when it comes to the impressive services and products for users. Recently, G-board or Google’s Super Smart Android Keyboard has become the topic of huge public interest because this is something that offers Wow Factor to tech lovers. G-board runs on Android iOS devices. Everyone is excited to explore more features of Android G-board; therefore, we have listed few major features of G-board that will help you to get perfect G-board utilization experience.

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Tips And Tricks To Help You Master G-board

G-Board Quick Feature 1: Type And Translate

If you meet someone who talks in another language – or you just need to leave a good impression on someone you met on Tinder – you can utilize Gboard to make an interpretation of your content into another dialect in real time. You need to Tap the icon of Google and tap on the icon of Translate. From the drop-down menu on the right side, select what language or dialect you need for translation.

G-Board Quick Feature 2: Sync And Win

The more you utilize a G-board, the better it gets at foreseeing what you need to say. If you get another new gadget, you would need to do all the setting from the very beginning with no outside help on the new gadget. However, you can synchronize your gadgets in G-board so that the console doesn’t have to relearn everything.

G-Board Quick Feature 3: Gesture Delete

You can utilize a basic gesture to rapidly erase anything you have in the text bar. Put your finger on the delete button and then slide left. Entire line typed in the text box will vanish just like that.

G-Board Quick Feature 4: Add A Number Column

People usually hate when they need to switch between the numeral and alphabet keyboards during typing. You don’t have to do that with G-board. You just need to Go to Google icon> Settings > Preferences and then slide the Number row option on.

G-Board Quick Feature 5: Make It One-Handed

Utilizing a huge gadget, yet just one typing hand? You can place G-board into the one-handed mode. Long-press on the Enter key and then slide your finger to the icon of a hand holding a gadget. The G-board will zoom to the right side of the gadget, making it quite easier for one hand typing.

G-board Quick Feature 6: Emojis Search

Tips And Tricks To Help You Master G-board

If you are looking for creative and new emoji then it became a lot simpler and quicker with the help of G-board recent updates. You just need to long-press the Enter key and type a phrase or keywords, for example, cheerful, miserable or pet – into the search bar to discover best emojis that you are looking for.

G-board Quick Feature 7: Handy Favorites

You can keep your most loved emojis in your access by adding an additional emoji column to the keyboard. Go to Google icon> Settings > Preferences and then slide the Show emojis in icon keyboard option on. A list of your favorite emojis will line up on top of the icon keyboard.

G-Board Quick Feature 8: Share Gifs

Tips And Tricks To Help You Master G-board

You can search for and share GIFs through the emoji section. Long-tap the Enter key and then slide your thumb to the icon of Emoji. There will be a GIF option at the bottom of the screen. Tap it and utilize the search bar to locate the ideal GIF for you.

G-Board Quick Feature 9: Cursor Positioning

If you’ve constantly tapped on a screen to get your cursor in the correct position, then you’ll cherish this trick. CNET’s Jason Cipriani found that, if you slide your finger along the space bar, the cursor will move in the text box.

G-Board Quick Feature 10: Google Search

Tips And Tricks To Help You Master G-board

You can run a Google search and share your search results with a message while you are chatting with your friend. Tap the Google icon, search whoever you’re searching for with the help of keyword insertion into the text bar and then tap Enter, or tap on a portion of the auto-populated questions. When you find the suitable result you’re searching for, tap on the Share icon at the bottom of the screen to simply send the results to the individual that you’re messaging.

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“Tips And Tricks To Help You Master G-board.”
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