TikTok surpasses 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store

The app has almost 500 million downloads in India.

The short-video making app, TikTok gets another feather in its cap. The ByteDance-owned app hits 1.5 billion downloads from the Play Store and the App Store combined. According to SensorTower, 466 million downloads come from India.

TikTok surpasses 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store

SensorTower claims that the app has been downloaded 614 million times this year, 6% more than last year’s downloads at the same point. The only apps downloaded more than TikTok are WhatsApp (707.4 million) and Messenger (636.2 million).

Regarding the downloads, India heads the pack worldwide with just over 466 million downloads of TikTok on the App Store and Google Play, while China ranks second for most downloads, at over 173 million. The US sits in third place, at just over 123 million downloads.

To expand the appeal of the app, TikTok is juggling a lot of things. Just hours ago it was reported that the firm is testing a social commerce feature by allowing users to add URLs in their bios and posts. Last month, it had launched an eLearning program called EduTok in India. It also banned political advertisements in the EU and the US.

Finance wise, TikTok has generated $115.3 million from user spending or 65.9% of total lifetime gross revenue. User spending in the app has increased every month in 2019 since February, peaking at $18.2 million in the month of October.


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