TikTok now lets the users link their businesses in their profiles

As of now, only a select group of people can add links to their bios and posts.

Chinese social media app TikTok is riding high on its success. After launching their own smartphone and surpassing 1.5 billion downloads, the app is testing a new feature that will allow influencers to make money from their followers.

TikTok now lets the users link their businesses in their profiles
Image Source: Business Insider

The limited testing will let users add links in their posts and bios that will direct their audiences/followers to products or services. Fabian Bern, a marketer shared a video on Twitter which shows that his audiences can purchase products featured in videos directly from the videos themselves.

At present, the only way influencers can make money through TikTok is by doing brand deals off-platform. Once this service is widespread, power will definitely use the service differently. This feature is already active on Instagram. the Facebook-owned social media platform allows users to purchase products or services featured in the influencers’ posts and stories.

A TikTok spokesperson said, “The platform is “always experimenting with new ways to improve the app experience for our users. Ultimately, we’re focused on ways to inspire creativity, bring joy, and add value to our community.”

This feature will make it easier for people to earn money so we’ll see more creators taking advantage of this feature in the near future.


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