Threads from Instagram now official; Rolling out on Android & iOS

Facebook is rolling out the much-rumored Threads, a messaging app designed to be used only by your closest friends. The Verge had first reported about the existence of Threads. It’s like a companion for Instagram that lets you quickly share text, photos, and videos with your ‘close friends.’

Threads from Instagram now official; Rolling out on Android & iOS

The standalone app from Facebook is designed with privacy, speed, and your close connections in mind. Apart from that, the app will still be using Instagram’s full suite of creative tools, such as text, photo/video messages, and emoji. In short, users will be in full control of who can reach them on Threads.

Threads from Instagram now official; Rolling out on Android & iOS

“Threads will allow the user to easily add or remove people to and from your close friends’ list giving you a dedicated inbox consisting of only these friends. By default, the Threads app will open the camera and let you create shortcuts for people on your close friends’ list. If you think that this sounds familiar then you would be right because this is exactly how Snapchat works, but Instagram has never been shy of copying the features of its rivals on its apps,” Instagram said in its blog.

When a user is posting a story, they have an option of sharing it with just their close friends or the entire Instagram followers from the list. Threads also offer a dedicated inbox and notifications just for these close friends. Users can create a list when Threads is downloaded.

The app will begin rolling out today, for Android and iOS.


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