The Science of Pre, Post and During Workout Nutrition

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( The Science of Pre, Post and During Workout Nutrition )

Did you know which energy systems work during your cardio and weight training? Did you know the role of carbs proteins and fats in weight training and cardio? Confused on selecting between banana and apple? And also that too pre and post?

I will now explain you some points through which you can plan your pre, during and post workout meals.

  • First understand the functioning of your energy system. This explanation will be covering only weight training as it is more general and because at the end of the month we all care about is gains 🙂
  • Now understand that every human on this planet has different metabolism and lifestyle so any diet plan will not be generalized.
  • Considering the weight training part your body at the time of using the muscular force uses ATP–CP and anaerobic glycolysis. These are the two energy systems. During a weight training set failure or fatigue comes due to either cardiorespiratory fatigue or failure of muscles. This is because the body is not getting enough oxygen.
  •  So now the body is not getting adequate oxygen so there are no chances that there will be the use of energy from your fat stores. This is because in order to get energy through fat deposits there has to be adequate supply of oxygen.
  • So you should get the clue till now that during a weight training set body will use muscle glycogen and muscle protein as a source of energy.
  • Here you get your answer that your ideal pre-workout meal should be carbs and proteins.
  • But the question arises, which carbs and proteins? The carb quality has to be always restricted to slow carbs for eg : oats, chapati, or any other cereal and protein will already be slow absorbed as the carbs will slow its absorption.
  • During your workout as the glycogen depletion takes place, BCCA ( Branched Chain Amino Acid ) will place an important role in providing energy throughout. So if you are training pretty intense, BCCA becomes a priority.
  • Post workout you again need to feed your muscle and fill it up with glycogen so at this stage there becomes a need of fast absorbing protein. And in case of carbs if the goal is muscle building, high GI ( glycemic index ) carbs becomes a priority. It will include carbs such as banana, sapota ( chikoo ) or glucose powder, etc and in fat loss you need a slow absorbing carb for consistent release which can be mainly fructose such as apple, papaya or complex carb like oats followed by whey protein for the flow of amino acids in the body.
  • The most important point to be noted that throughout the diet the quality of the carbs may vary from individual to individual based on the body type.

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The Science of Pre, Post and During Workout Nutrition !

Last updated: November 18, 2016

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When exercising it is really good to know how to give proper nutrition to our body.

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