The myths of weight training

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The myths of weight training

Today lets start just with a simple concept the myths of weight training. Shall not go in deep but lets just clear some basics.people often think that especially women.that they should not weight train for various reasons .the women section of the society has the most fear as they are unaware of the basic nutrition ,exercise and weight training.lets make this concept clear today .so lets start with it.below are some points that can be covered.

Why should women weight train?
An average women housewife obviously has a very busy schedule with lots of work which includes her cardiovascular endurance, musculoskeletal endurance flexibility and of course strength.most of the women think that weight training will give rise to a physique like man with more of muscles .but they should understand that their body composes of oestrogen and progesterone in greater quantity which are hormones basically which do not help in sufficient fat loss indeed it increases the accumulation of fat faster as  it lacks hormone-testosterone which is basically high in men.

Hence we can understand that for a women the fat loss process is much slower but with a dedicated commitment nothing is impossible.

But the fact remains that weight training along with efficient cardio vascular training the weight loss goals can be achieved.

Another myth for weight loss or fat loss is that most of the people believe that cardio can alone give you fat loss which is totally wrong . It only improves your cardiovascular system but there will be no improvement in strength .or you can say no overall improvement.
And the  most important factor that every woman desires is that weight training exercise is an anti ageing factor. i know most of us will have a huge smile write now by reading this but that is the truth after all.practically speaking it will not decrease your age but it will help to keep your performance will be like your 30’s .suppose if a woman is 50 year old but if she is weight training with proper cardio she will look younger than what she is.usually 15 -20 years younger.

The myths of weight training

Now lets look up some advantages : 

  • Weight training can improve your postural problems.
  • Can improve strength for day to day activities
  • No side effects at all
  • Anti ageing
  • No heart problems and also avoids future diseases

There are many more advantages but these are the basic ones.

Now lets look at some disadvantages : 
Practically speaking there are no disadvantages of weight training until and unless you suffer from a past injury.But even if you desire to exercise you can by first recommending a doctor .These were some basic concept which i have cleared here about the myths of weight training for women . So ladies tighten of your shoe laces and bang the gym floor.I will be back soon with some more interesting topics on fitness.If you have any questions about fitness please do let me know in the comments below.

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The myths of weight training

Last updated: February 14, 2016

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