Systweak Android Cleaner: Speed booster for Android

Systweak Android Cleaner: Speed booster for Android

Systweak Android Cleaner works intrinsically to clean your device for improved device performance. It helps you clean unnecessary files to recover some valuable storage space. This tool is a complete package to keep your device performance intact. It offers numerous useful features, let’s discuss some of them here.

Systweak Android Cleaner: Speed booster for Android

Main Features of the Systweak Android Cleaner App     

Junk Files

This section of the app displays all junk files on your device along with space occupied by them. It displays junk files in different folders so that you can manage them easily.

Systweak Android Cleaner: Speed booster for Android

File Explorer

It displays all files on your device and space occupied by them in different folders. You can click on the folders to view files, share them, delete them or take backup of the files. It displays files on time and album basis.


The app scans your complete device to find duplicate files on it. It displays results in different folders where you can manage files easily. The results here are displayed in groups in auto-mark format. It remains all last files of the group marked to be deleted. “Unmark All” option allows you to mark files manually.

Apart of it, “Unmark Shortest file location” feature allow you to quickly access the files by un-marking those identical files from the group which exists at the shortest file location on your device. Once you have selected the files, next is to press “Delete Now” button to remove all identical files. Alternatively, you can take backup of files by pressing “Backup Now” button.


It displays all battery functions including those functions which cause battery drain. You can unmark any of these functions to save some battery or you can click on TURN BATTERY SAVER ON button to stop all functions in one go.

Hidden files

Here you can find all hidden files & folders of the device including internal and external memory (SD card) space. To manage these folders, you can swipe left to find various options like unhiding, archive, rename and delete. Under folders, you can find different options (file rename, share and delete) to manage files well. You can long press on any file to view details of it.


It displays all files sent or received by WhatsApp platform. It displays files under various folders where you can delete or backup them.

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Using this feature, you can put any app (system or user app) to hibernate mode. It helps you manage those apps which you rarely use or don’t use at all. It allows you to restore apps anytime from hibernate mode easily.

Game SpeedUp

This feature of the app helps you recover RAM space on your device by stopping all unnecessary services and apps running in the background. It is designed to improve your gaming experience by providing additional RAM space to play your favorite game.

App Manager

App Manager displays all apps and space occupied by them. It allows you to archive or uninstall the app. When you archive any app, it stores installation file of that app. You can restore the app anytime you want.


Using this feature, you can manage all your notifications on your device at one place. This is a useful feature to manage all notifications related to different apps and services easily at one place.


  • It allows you to turn Notifications on or off.
  • Manage device cleaning time on regular intervals using the auto-cleaning feature.
  • You can add or remove any app to Ignore list to avert scanning of the selected app.
  • You can select the language of your choice from a list of options.


Here you can find additional features and information of the app. Here you can find features like cloud backup, rate the app, share feedback, like the app, FAQs, and information about the app.

Phone Boost

This feature is available at the bottom of the screen. You can use this one-tap feature to instantly recover some RAM space on your device.


Systweak Android Cleaner is designed to clean your device efficiently to recover some precious storage space instantly. This tool is laced with numerous useful features which make it one of the best Android cleaner apps. It not only works as an effective Android cleaner but it also offers numerous other features to keep your device performing well. It uses advanced algorithms to find and delete all unnecessary files from your device. This is one efficient tool to improve your device performance significantly. We admire this tool for mass usage.

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