Streamlabs purchased by Logitech for $89 million

In a day and age of acquisitions, there’s another one that might send a gamer’s or a streamer’s heartbeat at peak. The makers of popular live-streaming app Streamlabs OBS has been bought by Logitech, who is known for making popular gaming and streaming peripherals. Streamlabs was sold for  $89 million in cash (approximately ₹6,29,89,75,000). This is Logitech’s another acquisition after the Blue Microphones, which streamers prefer for their mic quality.

Streamlabs purchased by Logitech for $89 million

This pairing seems quite fitting seeing Logitech makes gaming equipment like keyboards, mice, streaming gear, etc. Streamlabs is known for its Streamlabs OBS which helps streamers set up their streams, set upstream overlays, track donation alerts, follow their chats and more. Moreover, Logitech owns Blue Microphones so users can see better integration with all of its hardwares.

Streamlabs is used by 70% of Twitch users, as claimed by its website. Another figure that they are proud of is having more than 15,000,000 streamers who prefer Streamlabs OBS. This is a really popular name in the streaming one, even when the name of Open Broadcast Software crops up.

Only time will tell the fruition of this acquisition.


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