How to create a Sticky Floating Sidebar Widget

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Sticky Floating Sidebar Widget

Fixing a sidebar on your page is a sign of responsiveness of  the theme. Sometimes it also acts as a focusing content of your website. If you’re not familiar with Floating sidebar or Sticky sidebar or Fixed sidebar, see the image below.


Fixing a sidebar is an easy stuff. Bloggers fix their sidebars for promotional ads and affiliates, Musician for their latest releases, News websites use fixed sidebar for sticky headlines and articles. Sticky widget or sidebar is very useful and not need much efforts. You can either use it to display your latest posts or for displaying your google ads with an expectation of more CPC. Let us discuss the advantages of : Adding a Sticky Floating Sidebar Widget in any blog or news website.

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Sticky Floating Sidebar Widget



  • More Chances of getting clicked
  • Responsiveness
  • High CPC rates
  • Impressions


These are the reasons why many websites use the floating feature to get attention on the dedicated widget.

Let’s start with the process of fixing a widget on your WordPress website. Its quiet simple. Go the WordPress plugin page and download the Q2W3 fixed widget from the WordPress. Upload the zip file on your WordPress and click install. After the installation click activate plugin.


Open the plugin settings page (you will find it as ‘Fixed widget options’ in Appearance menu of WordPress). In the settings page of the Q2W3 Fixed Widget, you will find a box like this.


[icon type=”fa fa-hand-o-right” color=”#000000″] This the place where you can adjust the settings of your Q2W3 Fixed Widget.

These are the General adjustments options for the Q2W3 fixed widget plugin. Setting this options you can easily fix your widget at any place in your WordPress Theme. The Margin Top sets the value for the distance of the widget from the top of the screen. Margin Bottom holds the distance of the widget from the bottom. Screen Max Width is the Responsive feature of this plugin. It helps to keep up the plugin feature in low width devices such as mobiles and tablets. You can set the desired width of the device so that after reaching the least width of the device the plugin will be disabled.

Hint – Hence the Facebook sidebars doesn’t remains fixed in mobile phones

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For example from the image above: Wherever the widget will be, after reaching the 55 px from the top, it will remain still until the Margin from the bottom hits it.

You can see on this page that how my popular post widget has been fixed from the top [icon type=”fa fa-hand-o-right” color=”#dd3333″] . Now if you scroll down, it will unfix until my footer comes. That’s how the plugin is programmed to satisfy all the sticky needs of a website 🙂


Let me show you the 2nd step with which you can activate your widgets and start using the floating feature of this plugin. Now go into the widgets area of WordPress (Appearance >> Widgets). You can see that every widget is displaying a check box for fixed widget. You can fix any of your widgets after checking this option. See the reference screenshot below.


In the above screenshot the search widget in your sidebar will remain sticky as per the values entered above.

Many Blogging websites like Shoutmeloud, WpBeginner, ReviewTurtle use Q2W3 Fixed widget plugin to fix their widgets. Sticky floating widgets can be used for many purpose such as displaying google Adsense ads, Affiliate ads, Custom links, Newsletter forms, Custom Signup forms, Bootstrap Buttons, Guest posting, Pages, Quotes, etc. You can really make your website extra-ordinary with this plugin. You can also fix more than 1 widgets in the sidebar using this plugin.

If you don’t use this plugin accurately, it may affect your website’s design. So don’t forget to keep the correct ratio of both the margins to get an exact style of the plugin.

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Sticky Floating Sidebar Widget

Sticky Floating Sidebar Widget

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