Stephen King doesn’t want to pay $20 for his blue check; Musk mulling $8

Musk agreed to reduce the cost to $8.

Stephen King doesn't want to pay $20 for his blue check; Musk mulling $8
Novelist Stephen King says writing is like leaving the ordinary world for a world of his own making: "It's a wonderful, exhilarating experience."

American author Stephen King posted an angry tweet on Musk’s proposal to pay $20 for the blue tick.

Musk also received a mixed response from Twitterati on his plans to monetize the blue tick and was quick to respond. He said: “We need to pay the bills somehow!”

Musk added that Twitter could not rely entirely on advertisers. He went on to bargain with King about the fee and asked, “How about $8?”

Stephen King doesn't want to pay $20 for his blue check; Musk mulling $8
Image credits: Mashable India

Elon also said he would explain the grounds for the charge in a longer form before implementing the plans. The new Twitter chief thinks it’s the only way to defeat bots and trolls.

Podcaster and angel investor Jason Calacanis took a poll asking people if they were willing to pay for a verified badge; Chesky said, “Twitter is better when everyone is verified, so I would make it free (with a goal of everyone being verified) and decouple it from paid membership.”

It is rumored that Calacanis is helping Musk reshape Twitter in line with his vision.

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