Stable version of Microsoft’s new Edge browser released

Along with Windows, the Edge browser will also be available for Andriod and iOS.

Microsoft has finally released its Edge 2.0 browser and it’s available for download. Anyone using Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, Windows 7, even Android, iOS, and Mac can download the new Edge browser.

Stable version of Microsoft's new Edge browser released

Microsoft has also said that the Edge 2.0 will be made available in the future. It comes as no surprise as Chrome already runs on Linux. The new browser promises speed, privacy, and compatibility. There are some Chrome features that you’ll find here as well. The highlight of the browser is that it works with Chrome extensions since it’s based on Chromium. Microsoft is also venturing into privacy protection with tracking prevention, that will be enabled by default on Edge and blocks many types of trackers on the web.

Once you install the Edge 2.0, the older Edge browser will be hidden on your system but don’t worry, all its data will be automatically imported to the old Edge browser’s data. Another significant feature is called Collections – which allows you to gather links, pictures, text, etc.

But there are caveats. The new Edge browser won’t have native support for ARM64. It means that if you use a Windows on ARM PC, Edge Canary or Edge Dev are your only options. Moreover, history and extension won’t be synced.

Try out the new Edge browser and see if it’s better than what we were forced to use with the Windows 10. Download it here.


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