Sony confirms a massive PS5 leak

Sony will be launching the PS5 in February 2020.

The PlayStation 5 would be launching next month but many leaks piqued the interest of gamers. Be it the launch date, its backward compatibility or the Xbox Series X price tag. But, Sony just confirmed a massive leak. It added something to its Twitter handle.

Sony confirms a massive PS5 leak

Although the 4chan board, the source of the information regarding the upcoming console, has disappeared.  The reason isn’t clear but the tiny change that Sony made to its Twitter bio is sending massive shock across the gaming realm.

Sony’s It’s time to play motto has now replaced the earlier motto For the Players or Best Place to Play, according to GameBolt. This might seem like an insignificant change, but the new motto was leaked before Sony’s Twitter bio changed. Also, the motto has never been used by Sony before in any of its official marketing tactics, hence, it’s a big deal.


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