Common Issues to Examine When Google Rankings Have Dropped

Nobody could ever be happy with a drop in their organic search rankings. It is quite natural for rankings to keep fluctuating from time to time particularly because sites have to encounter and survive the onslaughts of Google’s real-time algorithm updates. Nobody would be excited to see their search rankings go through an unexplained downslide. How could you save the situation from just a slight drop in the SERP rankings to practically a fiasco? You need to save your organic search rankings from going further down by proactive troubleshooting. This could help you in swinging back into action and moving in the correct direction. Here are a few things that you could do to salvage the situation.

Some Common Issues to Examine When Google Rankings Have Dropped

1. Look for Google Algorithm Updates            

Google algorithm updates are responsible for a big or a slight dip. Google’s quality algorithm Panda and the link algorithm Penguin are supposed to be the integral components of the core algorithm of Google that are known to update themselves in real time. Therefore, you need to be always alert about small tweaks and how they could impact your rankings.

Common Issues to Examine When Google Rankings Have Dropped

If you wish to know about the latest developments and keep track of Google update, you must browse SEO news websites and keep following influencers such as Barry Schwartz, Danny Goodwin, and Gary Illyes of Google to stay abreast of the breaking developments. If you are not able to find any solid information, you may consider searching on Twitter. If you find that other webmasters are also getting flustered, it is a clear indication that something must have been tweaked or adjusted.

If you are following the right path that is if you share in-depth content, have an intuitive and clean site layout, and really quick load times, there is no reason to panic. You are doing things the correct way and would be rewarded eventually.

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2. Check Google Analytics

Google Analytics demonstrates if there has been a dip in traffic or even user metrics such as pages per session, time on page, or bounce rate. Try to think if you have made any modifications to your site content, functionality, or design that is coinciding? If you think you have, then you must cancel the changes, and go in some other direction to assist traffic in bouncing back.

Common Issues to Examine When Google Rankings Have Dropped

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Google Analytics is regarded as a treasure house of data and information relating to how individuals locate your site, how they would be behaving while on your site, and what drawbacks would compel them to leave before they actually complete an action.

3. Examine the Content

It is critical to have high-quality content. Ask yourself if your content is interesting and unique? If it is a duplicate and a relatively low value is attached to the content this could adversely impact your SERP rankings. You must realize that users are not fascinated by low-grade content. If the visitors are waiting only for fleeting seconds before drifting away, it is quite evident that they cannot correlate with the content.

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4. Check Site Speed

If you have an impressive site that would be requiring over three seconds for loading, you are already lagging behind. Speed is crucial. Free tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights would be letting you know how quick your page is, and would be giving you actionable suggestions for improving load times.

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You must give up the temptation to leap to the highest ranking through the implementation of shady SEO tactics. You must keep yourself abreast with the current updates for protecting and growing your visibility. Sand Crest works best when it comes to comprehensive SEO solutions. Tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, RankActive can be also used to track your SEO existence and optimize the content for better rankings. The most effective strategy for success in this dynamic SEO scenario would be to stay well-informed at all times. You can regularly read Moz’s articles to get updated with latest SEO trends and tweaks.

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