Shareit is the Latest Most Effective File Sharing App You Need

Bluetooth is old school. SHAREit is the world’s preferred app for cross platform sharing. Today there SHAREit boasts over 800 million users which are a phenomenal number. In a fast moving and extremely connected world, SHAREit has made its name by proving fast service is various platforms. Here’s well be telling you how you too, can us the app for your benefits. Read on.

Shareit is the Latest Most Effective File Sharing App You Need

SHAREit supports 30 languages including English, Russia, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic. The app allows you to transfer files like videos, audios, contacts, apps among a tin of other things. SHAREit competes with the likes of popular file sharing services like Xender, Share Apps, Zapya, SuperBeam, etc. Besides the usual sharing service, the app also offers features like Control and CLONEit, which is pretty much a useful and exclusive feature of SHAREit. The app comes for free, requires no wi-fi or mobile data to work. It’s super fast, about 200 times faster than Bluetooth. SHAREit is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac.

Other services that SHAREit provide is Listenit, CLONEit, Lockit and CLEANit. Listenit is for the music lover, Cloneit is one step ahead of where you can batch copy all data. With CLONEit, you can easily transfer data from one phone to another. With the app, 12 types of data transfer can be done fast, without the fear of privacy being leaked. Lockit is the best app lock and privacy guard. It’s basically a private vault that only you can access via your very own chosen pattern. Finally, with CLEANit, you can clean your handset.

Before SHAREit, there was no convenient way of sharing file between devices. Bluetooth was too slow, and USB cables are fussy. The inadequacy of a good sharing method gave rise to SHAREit that was launched in 2012 with a different name. SHAREit has practically revolutionized the way we share files these days.

There are a number of ways you can use SHAREit to transfer files. You can share between phones, between phone and PC too. Here’s how. For sharing between two smartphones, you need to download the app into both the devices via Google Play Store. If you have a Lenovo handset, chances are the app already pre-installed. Now open both the app and each for one another, connect and begin sharing in lightening speed.

Transferring between a smartphone and a PC is a bit more complicated from what we have experienced. Get SHAREit for PC in you Windows computer from the official SHAREit site. After downloading, don’t forget to install and it’ll take a few minutes based on how slow or fast your computer is. Next open SHAREit in both your handset and PC. We find connecting our Android device with the PC easier that to search and connect from the PC. Now, open SHAREit in both your handset and PC. Next let the app make searches, while it does, you should be able to see a Connect to PC option, down right hands side. Tap it, and instantly the app will begin searching for the PC. Once it can locate, connect and start sharing.

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