Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Mannat’ bungalow stylised with silver nameplate

Apart from the nameplate, there's also the new ironclad front gate.

Shah Rukh Khan's 'Mannat' bungalow stylised with silver nameplate
Image credits: The Hans India

Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan’s gigantic mansion in Mumbai, Mannat, is a status symbol on its own, and now, it’s trending on Twitter.

The famous landmark was recently adorned with a brand-new LED nameplate and a new ironclad front gate. Fans of King Khan took to Twitter to share the news, even posting their pictures in front of Mannat.

The new look was hit and led to fans tweeting about it as the house trended briefly on Twitter this Sunday.

Mannat’s old nameplate had been taken down, leading fans to guess why it went missing. The new silver LED plate – referred to as ‘Diamond plate’ – by fans.

A source told Hindustan Times that “it was taken down for repair. It’s inside the house, in fact, in the garden, and will be returned once it’s repaired.”

SRK fans feel attached to the popular Mannat nameplate since it has become a famous selfie spot for fans and tourists. The iron gate is also symbolic as Shah Rukh Khan often waves to his fans and poses for pictures at that spot.

A few years ago, the ‘Don’ actor routinely greeted fans from the spot and even brought his kids with him, but ever since the pandemic, his appearances have been infrequent.

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