Samsung refutes rumors of launching the Galaxy Fold

Samsung, who’s hit the jackpot in the form of the  Galaxy S10 siblings, is still sour about the botched Galaxy Fold, which should have been available in the market by now. The rumor mill was abuzz that the South-Korean manufacturer will re-schedule the launch of Galaxy Fold in the month of July but it seems Samsung is in no mood to forget the second debacle of this decade (first being the ticking time-bomb Note 7).

Reviewers who got their hands on the device complained about the display going bizarre while some inadvertently triggered the display malfunction by peeling off the protective film meant to safeguard the display.

Samsung has claimed that no such event has been scheduled. “If we are running such a media event this month, we should be doing something by now. Nothing has progressed since the April delay.” said a Samsung official.

It remains to be seen when the $2,000 Samsung marvel will be out for the public to buy it. Samsung might still be working on the flaw that had triggered such hue and cry.


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