Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s hinge brushes may not block dust after all

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's hinge brushes may not block dust after all

Samsung had made huge claims that the Z Flip’s hinge brushes block dust so that unlike the Fold, dirt and dust won’t stand a chance on the clamshell foldable device. But, iFixit has proven them wrong, once again. The YouTube video put Samsung’s claim to shame.

JerryRigEverything also did a teardown of the Z Flip and found that dust could easily get in. iFixit went a step ahead and actually tested the “free-of-dust” claims made by Samsung by putting the Z Flip into a bag that contained a lot of purple dust. Once the phone was taken out of the bag, iFixit shook a lot of dust out of the phone. Dust indeed got inside the phone that it even stopped the hinge from opening up all the way. You can view the video or see the GIF below.

JerryRigEverything and iFixit’s teardown videos are proof that the Galaxy Z Flip is an amazing step forward in terms of phone designs looking less boring but it also exposes some of its flaws – which could affect the phone’s sales. Is this another Fold debacle waiting to happen?


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