Samsung Galaxy Z Flip fully shown in Oscars ad

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip fully shown in Oscars advertisement

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip is just a day away but the South Korean giant went all guns blazing on Oscar’s stage. The advertisement for the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip was shown during the Oscars ceremony that took place today in Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, California, United States.

In one of the small prints for the ad, it says “You may notice a small crease in the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen.” This means that the Galaxy Z Flip will indeed have a crease like on the Galaxy Fold. The phone will be available in Black and Purple, as seen in the advertisement.

The commercial also shows that the screen can do caller ID and is equipped with sliders for accepting or rejecting calls. Even though this is the first time any smartphone manufacturer has aired a commercial of a phone that hasn’t been launched but Samsung is known to go the Oscars path. Be it Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie in the 2014 Oscars with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or apologizing for the exploding Note 7 phones, Samsung has been airing ads of its products.


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