Why Ruby on Rails is a Suitable Web-App Solution

Ruby was developed in 1993 by a Japanese developer called Yukihiro Matsumoto. But it took real momentum when David Heinemeier Hansson created Rails in the year 2003 and officially released it as open source code in the very next year as Ruby on Rails. Because of its high productivity rate and ease of use, it is the most preferred web development framework for the developers all over the world. Ruby is a programming language, and Rails is the framework for it. That’s why the combination of both is known as Ruby on Rails or RoR. Technically, RoR is capable of developing large scale projects. It is basically an object oriented programming language that can work efficiently with a wide range of web servers.

Ruby on Rails

Since launching over two decades ago, Ruby has been actively improved and updated. Whether it is a start up or established enterprise, this programming language can be used as a suitable solution for building web applications for various industry verticals. The framework holds rich promise to make web development far quicker, cheap and effortless.

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Ruby on Rails, also known as RoR framework is packed with amazing features that form the backbone of some of the most popular websites in the fields of travel, sports, social networks, music, education, real estate and more. Some of the top global brands have embraced this framework for building their websites. Take a look at some of the famous websites that are built on Ruby on Rails Framework:

Twitter – Although Twitter has switched to Java server when it was launched in 2006, it was originally built with Ruby on Rails. Simplicity and elegance of code are the prime features that attracted the founders of Twitters towards Ruby on Rails.

GitHub – GitHub is a popular social network platform for the developers for sharing and managing their codes. Its repository is built on Ruby on Rails. It is a clear sign of how favourite Ruby on Rails is among the top developers of the world.

Basecamp – Ruby on Rails framework is the heart and soul of the most prestigious project management service provider Basecamp. In fact, it is the budding ground where RoR flourished and gained the reputation it is enjoying now.

Shopify – A major player in the e-commerce arena Shopify, also trusted Ruby on Rails framework for building its website. As the website allows its customers to set up a personified online store, it is only the Ruby on Rails that can comprehensively fulfil this purpose. It can be said that it is Shopify that has made the best use of Ruby on Rails framework so far.

Yellow Pages – It is another well-known known company that has chosen Ruby on Rails. This business and telephone directory website have found the best functionality in Ruby on Rails framework. The flexibility it provides in integrating AJAX that can be used for creating interactive features is the biggest reason why Yellow Pages have chosen Ruby on Rails.

Slideshare – It gives a platform to the users where they can store their videos, text documents and PowerPoint presentations. The site has more than three million unique visitors thanks to its brilliant appearance and top-notch usability provided by Ruby on Rails.

Airbnb – The discussion will be incomplete without referring Airbnb, the largest hotel reservation service provider. They have perfectly used the features offered by Ruby on Rails framework for easy booking, payment and spectacular interface. Undoubtedly, Airbnb topped the chart among the famous RoR framework adopters.

The Integral Benefits that Ruby on Rails Bring

There are literally thousands of different coding languages and frameworks created over the years that makes it really overwhelming to choose an ideal one. But the emergence of Ruby on Rails to some extent have managed to solve this issue. Loaded with magnificent features, Ruby on Rails brings in huge benefits to the developers as well as to the businesses who have chosen it. Here we are explaining some of the major benefits of utilising Ruby on Rails.

1. Time savvy

Comparing to other frameworks and languages, the process of programming in Ruby on Rails is far quicker. It eliminates complex code generation, as developers can use the ready-to use tools of this framework. The open source code available within the Rails community fastens the entire development process.

2. Alterations can be made easily

Changes can be easily made on a website developed by making use of the Rails framework. Even just after the launching of the website, alterations can be done swiftly. Changes of several other things can be easily done while working on this framework are:

  1. Instant and easy modifications
  2. Data alterations
  3. Addition of fresh features
  4. Easy content change and image integration

3. Highly economical

Being an open source framework distributed under the MIT license, opting for Ruby on Rails can cut significant chunks out of website development project. Without sacrificing performance, usability, speed and security, business owners can develop a bespoke website to promote their product or service. It saves cost significantly without compromising the quality of the end product.

4. Helpful and active community support

Ruby on Rails has a huge online community of developers who are continuously improving code, offer relevant guidance and share development knowledge. It proves really useful for seamless completion of the development project. Ruby has a helpful and growing community that is friendly towards people of all skill levels.

5. Easy automated testing tools

Rails offer a fantastic option to integrate automated testing tools for checking codes without the use of any third party testing tools or external plugins. The concept is unique and highly effective for building purely tested and bug-free web applications.

The Future Aspects of Ruby on Rails

There is a popular opinion among the industry experts that Ruby and RoR have the gain maturity and will retain this enormous acceptability among the developers for a long period of time. For the businesses that are working on full-stack web applications, Ruby on Rails can provide dramatic strides of productivity. With its accelerated web process, ease of use, proficient content management and easy customization it is the coolest development framework for the developers. One can be sure that it will continue to dominate and mesmerise web development arena in the future too.

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