Responsive Web Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

More than 60% of users are now accessing the web from a host of portable devices. As a result, website designers now have to take into account much smaller screens of varying sizes. The Designers tend to make some very common responsive web design mistakes that can put the success of the site at risk. Some of the more common ones to watch out for:

Responsive Web Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Responsive Web Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

1. Excessive Content

Unlike conventional website design that makes for very easy browsing, including too much content in mobile optimized web designs makes the user endlessly scroll. It is best to limit the extent of content and also keep the most important information at the page-top for easy reading. Websites that are heavy on content, including visuals, tend to load a lot more slowly and the typically impatient user may abandon the site.

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2. Navigation that’s Too Complex

For responsive web designs to work effectively, you need to make the navigation simple and intuitive. Large and very deep hierarchical menus can spoil the user experience. Designers will need to think creatively how to give access to the various pages for users working with small screens; horizontal swiping and hidden navigation are now commonly used techniques that make for a better UX. Visit for some good examples of sites that offer simple but effective navigation.

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3. Website Loading Speed

The typical user being hard pressed for time is extremely impatient while trying to access information on the net. Also, he may want to access information on the fly and web pages that load slowly will leave him extremely frustrated.It is more than likely that he will not wait for the site to load but switch to an alternative site. Therefore, the slow-loading site will lose the traffic and sales conversions from users on mobile devices. It is thus very important to make sure that the site loads fast and is able to quickly display the important information expected by users.

Responsive Web Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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4. Desist From Using Too Many and Non-Optimized Images

As opposed to websites designed for the bigger screens of desktops, you will need to consciously adhere to the requirement of responsive web design by only including images that are vital to the user experience; otherwise, they will make the site load slowly. Also, make sure that the images have been optimized for properly displaying on the small screens.

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5. Too Much or Too Less Negative Space

There is a lot of variation in the screen sizes of portable devices that responsive website design needs to take care of. When you are designing for small screens, negative space planning becomes extremely important to make the images look visually prominent and appealing. Developers should resist the tendency of cramming in too many icons in a bid to overcome the limitations of screen space.

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There are a number of challenges for website developers optimizing sites for portable devices. The secret is to never forget the limitation of the screen size and that the quality of user experience is paramount.

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  1. Amazing piece of content. I would like to share one such mistake. I started using an ad monetization network, which showed pop up ads to the visitors. But, it was an incentive-based monetization network, so basically, you get paid for app installs or user sign-ups. Revenue Hits to be precise.

    A few days later, I got a message from Google Webmasters that my rankings have slipped up because they detected social engineering on my website. Had to remove those ads instantly. But luckily, I get to know about what mistake I made and learnt from it for not making it again.

    I’m glad that you shared this article.


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