How do I recover data from Samsung Hard Drive?

Samsung, the South Korea based company is second in the list of World’s largest technology companies by revenue. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones and tablets and is the world’s largest chip manufacturer.

Owning a Samsung product is quite a commonplace and there are other millions of users who are satisfied by its products and services.

The company’s quarterly Profit and sales graph justifies is included in the list

recover data from Samsung Hard Drive
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The figure illustrates Samsung Electronics quarterly Profit & Sales graph

Global Success

In 2012, 1 in every 3 smartphone shipped was a Samsung smartphone

Samsung is known for its quality and feature-rich products and its hard drive is one of the most sought after gadget when it comes to storing necessary data. Samsung hard drives are nonetheless, the best you can get and is worth every dime. Although by the end of the day, the hard drive is just a mechanical device and some unavoidable factors can hinder its modus operandi.

You might be taken in for a surprise when the Samsung hard drive unexpectedly stops functioning or that you accidentally lost a partition, or unintentionally format it, and your further step to recover data from it may be a damaging ramification to the situation.

Scenarios under which users lose their data

Data can be lost due to technical/mechanical failure or neglect in storage, transfer, and processing. “Prevention is better than cure”, this adage holds true in all walks of life; therefore, to prevent data loss, you must be familiar with the reasons behind it. While data loss is inevitable, with some precautions, it can be avoided.

The different scenarios are:

  • Accidentally/ deliberately deleting the files and folders
  • Hard drive turns inaccessible
  • Hard drive failures (overheating, exposure to electromagnetic fields, header crash etc.)
  • Virus or malware intrusion
  • Operating system glitches
  • Occurrence of Natural disaster

The above-mentioned scenarios are a few incidents which can cause data loss and the prevention can be avoided by taking necessary steps such as having a reliable backup system, using cloud services, RAID storage, having a disaster recovery plan and so on and so forth.

Some work-around fixes

There are some solutions which can resolve the issue but to some extent. Temporary solutions may fix the issue for the time being but not permanently. A robust Samsung laptop hard drive recovery software is required to fix the issue once and for all.

You can manually fix hard drive related issues, and the process is described further down.

1. Recheck the connections: 

If you’re unable to access the hard drive, then it could be due to loose connections as well. Before you implement the troubleshooting steps, ensure that the cables are firmly connected on either sides. In case you’re using an external Samsung hard drive, check the USB ports and the connectors as well. It could be that that the either the port or the cables are faulty.

2. Recognized by the system: 

You can manually check whether the hard drive is recognized by the system or not by leveraging the BIOS utility.

recover data from Samsung Hard Drive

The figure illustrates the BIOS Setup Utility

The BIOS utility performs a POST (power-on self-test) to configure low-level settings. Remember, this option is feasible when the system is unable to boot.

  1. Assign a new letter:
  2. Go to Control Panel < System and Security < Administrative Tools
  3. Open Computer Management and select Disk Management

recover data from Samsung Hard Drive

The figure illustrates assigning a drive letter process

  1. From the listed device, right-click on the required one and select “Assign the following drive letter” and click OK.

recover data from Samsung Hard Drive

The figure illustrates to change drive letter or path procedure

  1. Now access the hard drive again.

You can follow any of the work-around fixes, but there is no guarantee that they will serve the purpose. Moreover, we have considered only a handful of scenarios, and to specifically resolve the error, you have to use hit and trial methods, which is again a laborious plus time-consuming process.

Using a Samsung laptop hard drive recovery software bridges the limitations of the manual steps. Speaking of which, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is one such software to address all hard drive related issues.

Here’s how you can recover data from Samsung Hard Drive using this software:

  1. Run Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional in your laptop and choose the data type (file, folders, office documents, multimedia files etc.) which needs to be recovered

recover data from Samsung Hard Drive

The figure illustrates the main interface of the software

  1. The next step is to specify the location from where the data needs to be recovered. It could be internal/external hard drive, USB, or drives. You could also recover data from the disk image as well

recover data from Samsung Hard Drive

The figure illustrates to specify the location

  1. Press the Scan button and the software will start scanning the drive for the files and once the process is over, you can view the recoverable files

recover data from Samsung Hard Drive

The figure illustrates to view the recoverable files

  1. Select the files and save them to the appropriate location

recover data from Samsung Hard Drive

The figure illustrates to save the files at the appropriate location

Final Thoughts

So, you must know what possibly works for you. If the manual process satisfies your requirement, then you’re good to go, but the question that arises is until when? A reliable data recovery software is the answer to all the questions and offers complete solutions to recover data from corrupt or damaged hard drive.

If you find yourself in such situations, then Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is your Anchor!

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