Realme to unveil AirPods alternatives; Launch imminent

The wireframe diagram shows AirPods replica with a charging case.

Realme CEO Madhav Seth has teased an AirPods alternative on his Twitter page. This comes after the Realme XT Pro was unveiled. The image on Twitter showed AirPod lookalikes with a charging case. This tweet is quite interesting as a few days ago he was spotted using an iPhone.

Realme to unveil AirPods alternatives; Launch imminent

The unknown product will be launched in December that will go neck-to-neck with Apple’s AirPods Pro, Sony’s WF1000MX3, and so on. The text in the tweet was highlighted in yellow color which means it could be one of the color options.

Akin to Apple’s AirPods, the Realme earbuds would provide similar battery life and a great Android experience. But unlike Apple’s wireless earbuds, the Realme earbuds will cost much less.

Realme is on a launching spree as it recently launched two new devices. The Realme X2 Pro is the company’s first flagship phone, while the Realme 5s is a budget offering. Only time will tell what kind of earbuds is Realme busy manufacturing.


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