15 Things to Consider When Planning an Off-site Meeting

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A company may have to plan off-site meetings on many occasions, due to numerous reasons. For such occasion, here are some things to consider when planning an offsite meeting.

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8+7 Things you can Consider to Plan Off-site Meetings.

1. Budget

Before anything else, you must allocate the budget for your offsite meeting. Also, further dividing the allocated budget is highly important. Ideally, you can allocate around 70% of the budget for the venue, around 20% for food and refreshments and the remaining for miscellaneous expenses.
Allocating budget can help you define your spending boundaries and will ensure that you won’t go overboard with your spending.

2. Goals and Objectives

Before moving onto planning and managerial stuff, the goals and objectives you expect to achieve in the meeting must be defined carefully. This is extremely important as it will provide a clear direction for the meeting.
Moreover, define the goals and objectives for a meeting can actually help you a lot with planning the agenda for the meeting and preparing an expected schedule for the meeting.
Having a clear indication of the objectives you want to achieve with your meeting will aid you in every single step while planning the meeting.

3. Number of Attendees

While plan offsite meetings, you must carefully carve out the final list of attendees. While you may want the maximum number of people to attend the meeting, offsite meetings aren’t held to please the employees. Instead, you should focus mainly on approaching and achieving the objectives set for the meeting. For this, you can select the most relevant people for your meeting, keeping the number low and reducing costs and hassle.

4. Time

Choosing the ideal time to hold your offsite meeting is important as well. You must select a time when everybody’s available for the meeting including attendees and speakers.

5. Location

Choosing the location to hold an offset meeting is the most important step. Ideally, the selected location must be easily accessible for all to help all the participants ensure their timely presence. Next, it must be suitable for your kind of meeting and spacious enough to accommodate as many guests as you’re willing to invite.
Lastly, the location for your offset meeting must be comfortable, centrally heated/air-conditioned and must have proper lighting.

6. Seating Arrangement

Arranging the seats for an offsite meeting in an appropriate manner is important. Ideally, the seats must be arranged in such manner that each and every participant, including those joining through video link, must be able to see and hear everything happening in the meeting. The seating arrangement should also compliment those who’re likely to speak, by positioning them towards the whole lot.

7. Availability of an Audio-Visual System

Availability of an audio-system is a meeting is almost necessary hence ensuring it must be considered carefully. Such systems are a must in modern-day meetings as they’re required for a number of tasks with presenting presentations the most significant out of them.

8. Decor

The decor of the meeting must be considered seriously as well. The taste factor of all the attendees must be taken into account and the meeting room must be decorated carefully to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for everyone.

9. Communication

Communicating the agenda of the meeting, the code of conduct, the logistical details including venue and timings must be communicated to each and every single participant in order to prevent delays and interruptions and ensure that the meeting is conducted without any hassle.
Every attendee must be provided with the agenda, schedule and regular reminders before the meeting.

10. Refreshments

Arranging refreshments for the participants of an offset meeting is highly important. Initially, there must be an uninterrupted supply of water, before anything else.
Next, you can arrange other food items and beverages, for all the participants.

11. Power

Making appropriate arrangements for an uninterrupted power supply throughout your meeting is extremely important. While a lot of people choose to ignore it, there must be proper arrangements of electricity to power your microphones, screens and other systems.
If you cannot find a source of power nearby, you can rent a generator or a UPS, to ensure uninterrupted power supply for your meeting.

Ideally, you should also arrange a backup source of power, in case the main source disappoints at the last moments.

12. iPad Stands

Arranging iPad stands is another important thing to consider while planning an offset meeting. iPads could be used for many purposed in meetings and you’ll definitely need something to hold these in an appropriate manner.

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iPads stands are quite useful as they’ll hold those iPads in a managed way. Instead of purchasing these stands for rare use, you can choose iPad stand rental and save money.

13. Flawless Logistics

Now, this is another extremely important thing that must be considered carefully while planning an offsite meeting. The transportation of important stuff including documents, laptops/PCs, tablets and stuff must be absolutely flawless and punctual.
A highly capable team must be responsible for the logistics to avoid any delays and mismanagement.

14. Connection

You must check the Internet connection at an offsite meeting and fix any flaws if found, as it could cause frustrating interruptions for those joining the meeting via video link.
A fast internet will prevent any lag and will ensure that the video-linked participant can hear or speak without any hassle.

15. Follow-up Strategy

A follow-up strategy regarding your meeting must be planned in advance, way before the meeting is held as following up with the attendees after a meeting is important. You must consider the follow-up strategy carefully.
After the meeting is concluded, feedback must be collected from the participants, through an already planning method.
In case of offsite meetings, an effective follow-up strategy is required in order to collect feedback before the participants leave.

Wrapping it Up

Considering each of the above-mentioned factors, a successful offsite meeting can be conducted and important goals can be achieved. Missing out on even a few things and getting them wrong can actually end up turning the meeting into a mere disaster hence these considerations must be dealt with extreme precision.

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