Overcoming plateaus

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Overcoming plateaus

Every fitness enthusiast goes through the phase known as a plateau. A plateau is basically a duration in which the athlete may stop getting the results or you can say no improvement. This is a situation which will be a barrier between you and your fitness goals today we will be talking about various reasons for plateaus and how to overcome it.

There can be various reasons for a plateau. It may be different for every individual. Below are some of them.

  • Restlessness : This will happen due to an individual’s busy schedule or any such reasons due to which your body will not get enough rest. Since your body is not getting enough rest there can be chances that during your sets the fatigue may come due to no proper rest because your muscles are not recovered. So you know the solution now. Give your body proper rest.
  • Overtraining : Other reason for your plateau may be overtraining. Since you are overtraining whatever the nutrients your body consumes is not sufficient hence there is no growth in muscle cells. Overtraining can also lead to delay in muscle recovery .
  • Nutrition : As your intensity increases your body’s requirement also increases. This requirement is of the essential macro and micro nutrients. We can also say that intensity and nutrition can go hand in hand. Hence make sure you are giving your body sufficient fuel.


The above three are the main factors which is the reason behind the plateau. Make sure to invest a little time in yourself and research what is putting you back to achieve your goals.


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Overcoming plateaus

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