Online tutors boosting incomes as demand rises during lockdowns

Online Tutors Boosting Incomes as Demand Surges Due to Coronavirus Lockdowns 1

Raven Kate De Leon, a Filipino teacher has been spending 10 hours a day at her home computer to teach English to her students far away in China. Her desk is surrounded by mini cars and stuffed toys as she uses them as props to make the online classes more interesting. As coronavirus took hold in China at the start of this year, various schools and offices were shut down.

Online Tutors Boosting Incomes as Demand Surges Due to Coronavirus Lockdowns“I usually have 20 classes every day, so I could meet the demand of the great number of students nowadays. I take that opportunity to give them a fun and fruitful distraction because I know they’re stressed, worried,” said De Leon, 22, who works for 51Talk (China Online Education Group). The online platform charges around 45 yuan ($6.36) per 25-minute session, with teachers earning around 130 pesos ($2.53) per hour.

Also, 51Talk said that it wants to engage 100,000 Filipino tutors by 2025 or earlier and hopes its teachers will get good ratings and referrals after the surge in customers to ensure demand after coronavirus containment measures are over.

According to data from UNESCO, the United Nation’s cultural agency – more than two dozen countries sent more than 290 million children and youths out of school.


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