7 Office-Based Gadgets to Help You Keep Fit in 2018 and Beyond

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The effects of spending most of your time seated behind the desk are alarming. There is also danger in standing for long with levels of inactivity. You might be wondering what the solution is since both lengthy sitting and standing is not healthy. The answer lies in fitness measures. Thanks to innovation and technology, there are a number of office-based gadgets that you can use to keep fit and healthy. It is important to maintain fitness at all angles in life. Many times we give little considerations on office fitness without realizing that this is where we spend most of our time. Keeping fit at work is important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, office fitness promotes general health in an individual. Research shows that most office workers spend about 70% of their days seated. This is considered dangerous and may expose one to muscle fatigue and poor metabolism. In the long run, the work performance is affected as the individual eats less and gets overwhelmed with the office duties. Secondly, office fitness promotes posture in an individual. Posture is vital to every office worker. A good posture displays a confident image in an individual. In this case, you are able to walk and work confidently with an enhanced self-esteem.

A good posture also facilitates easy breathing, circulation, and digestion functions. If you get to exercise regularly in the office, you get to enjoy proper heart functions and effective metabolism. Here are 7 Office-Based Gadgets to Help You Keep Fit in 2018 and Beyond.

1. WellShell

This portable and flat device works under the mechanism of isometrics. It allows you to use the body energy against itself. The advantage of WellShell is the flexibility to use it anywhere. It is light and convenient for office workout.

Office-Based Gadgets to Help You Keep Fit in 2018 and Beyond

The gadget comes with a supportive app that helps you keep track of your vital performances. You are able to examine your pulse, sleeping quality, and breathing performance. This little gadget is effective for all office workers irrespective of gender, age, and body sizes. It helps you to gain good posture and slim body. It also aids in work concentration, especially after a stressful workday.

2. Glyder

This is specifically designed to help the glutes. It can be used while seated behind the desk. The portable device allows you to place it under the working desk and peddle.

Office-Based Gadgets to Help You Keep Fit in 2018 and Beyond

The effect is mostly felt by the gluteal muscles as your legs get engaged in a bicycle riding like activity. This is not only fun but effective too. The advantages of the device include:

  • The device is creatively designed to protect your knees from colliding or hitting the desk sides
  • A companion app comes with the device to help you keep track of the calorific values and get to regulate them. The app indicates the overall body performance.

The Glyder is a massive innovation and you should look for it online.

3. Under Desk Elliptical

Office-Based Gadgets to Help You Keep Fit in 2018 and Beyond

Under Desk, Elliptical is portable device consisting of a flywheel pedal that allows you to exercise while seated behind the office desk. There are various models of under-desk elliptical, some of them are smart and can be connected to your smartphone. It is effective as it contains the following features:

  • Grip handles to facilitate easy peddling
  • Foot massager to help you get rid of fatigue and cramps
  • Desk stand enriched with a multipurpose functional display
  • Foot shifter to help you change the flywheel velocity

4. Omron

This device is designed to help you lower the blood pressure to acceptable levels. The Omron device is a clinically verified wireless gadget that allows you to check your blood pressure levels anywhere and anytime. With the data findings, you can easily share the details with your doctor and family. The online app that accompanies the device is compatible with major Android and IOS devices. The advantage is that you can use Omron effortlessly and get to achieve accurate blood pressure results.

5. Darma

If you are having an issue with sitting, then you need to get this device. Darma is a seat cushion that helps you enjoy healthy sitting and light exercise at work. The device is available in major online stores and it’s very effective. Darma is more than an invention. Its principle of operations makes it an effective life saver. You can install the device under your seat and get maximum seat exercise and fitness levels while working.

6. Withings Pulse O2

This is a small fitness tracker that helps you keep track of the calories burned. It also helps you keep a trail of your general body fitness levels. The device is as small as an SD card but very effective and important in helping you keep fit at work. The device comes with a heart rate tracker to help you assess and control the heart functions. The pulse O2 also helps to measure your blood oxygen volume. You can set up and control Pulse O2 using your mobile phone by downloading the Withings app.

7. Apple Watch

According to many who have used this device, the Apple watch is the greatest watch invention of this century. Besides time indication, this smartwatch allows you to keep track of the fitness levels. Through the watch, you are able to get notifications on the heart rate assessments and body movement. You can sync it with your phone’s Wi-Fi to keep track of the body movements. It has an inbuilt app that gives you regular alerts on the number of times you stand, move and exercise all day.

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The above 7 gadgets are very helpful in keeping fit at work. You can carry them each day to the office and get to use them to make sure that you stay healthy and fit. A healthy body translates to good work performance and productivity. Generally, you don’t have to be involved in heavy physical activities to be fit. It takes simple practices such heart rate tracking and assessment of the body movements to keep fit. The above gadgets can enhance this if you employ them.

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