Off Page SEO : 7 Best techniques to increase web traffic

There are two ways, one is On page SEO and other is Off Page SEO when it comes to optimizing a blog post or a page. In this post, our focus remains only on Off Page SEO because I have already written a post wherein I discussed some of the killers On page SEO strategies to boost Search Engine Traffic. Read the post here :

What is Off Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a technique which is used to improve the presence of a website in the search engine result page (SERP) and also brings traffic instantly through Social Media Shares, Guest posting, etc “.
Still confused between On page and off page SEO?

On page, SEO means which is under your own control and it involves various factors such as title tag, content, keyword placement, Keyword density, etc.

Off-page, SEO is promoting your content using techniques such as social media, guest posting, link building, etc. Off-page, optimization has nothing to do with your Editor window where you write and publish your Contents. It starts once you have finished with writing and publishing of your Content.

There are ‘n’ number of Off page techniques but it is not possible to follow all of them so here I recommend you 7 Best techniques that should be followed by every blogger or web owner. Off page techniques are very powerful and will boost your traffic very soon.

Off Page SEO: 7 Best techniques are =>

1. The Social Networks

Off page SEO

The Social Networks are the best place to share your Web contents with lots of people. Social reputation is very important for any online business. Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ are popular social networking sites where you will get lots of interesting people who will not only love your content but also will share with others. Join all popular Social Networking sites and build your social reputation. If you do not have much time for social network promotions then join and share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ because they are most popular and they have more users. They will not only increase your Back-links but also will improve your search presence and will drive huge traffic instantly.

We ( my team mates – Mihir, Prakhar and Me ) were enjoying the fresh air yesterday by sitting near the beach at 9 pm and suddenly Mihir (Mihir is our Marketing Manager, he manages our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages ) quoted “Every King needs a queen”. We started laughing and asked him King aur queen kahaan se Aaye beech mein bc? ( How suddenly king and queen came into the picture ? ) Later on, he explained that you both ( Me and Prakhar ) keep saying Content is the king but Content needs promotion. If Content is the king then Social networks are queens.

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2. Blogging

As you can see 3nions is a blog which talks about WordPress, SEO, and Miscellaneous Articles. So we fall under Blogging category.

Blogging about your product or your business is enormous way to promote your product. If you are not a good writer you can hire a guest blogger who will write unique content for you. The other 6 techniques I have discussed in this post are very useful for promoting your blog post. Apart from this they make crawling of your product little more easier for Search Engines.

3. Link Building

Lots of people believes that link building is dead but I never believed and still I don’t believe. Link building is one of the most popular method of Off page SEO. For example you can see wikipedia they have lots of Quality links and it has better ranking. Where Quality links are good for your website, Bad links may down your search engine ranking. So concentrate in building quality links.

If someone links to you that means you are earning trust and also proves that your content is full of information. This will definitely improve your search engine ranking no doubt ! at all. There are many ways to build links and most popular ways are :

  • Link exchange schemeYou can ask other bloggers and owners for Link exchange. You link to mine and I link to your website.
  • Link Baiting – Suppose you have copied any definition or few lines which adds more value to your page. Do not forget to mention the link location of those lines. You may have seen I copy the definition from Wikipedia but I mention their link and name in bold because their definitions are always easy and good. (Note : Do not copy the whole content from others, you may face penalty for that.)
  • Natural linking – This can be achieved by publishing fresh and unique content.

X Never follow black hat SEO techniques 

People make mistake when they go for link building. Before you go for link building please do a deep research about Black hat SEO. Also read :

  • The difference between : White hat SEO and Black hat SEO

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4. Social Bookmarking

For promoting your website Social Bookmarking is another great way that you can follow. Submit your posts to popular bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Slashdot, Technorati, Reddit, etc.

Let me tell you one thing Search Engines like these kind of websites because they always have fresh contents. Bookmarking your site on these websites will bring you high traffic but you need to use them properly.

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5. Questioning and Answering

Yes ! A great off page technique is Questioning and Answering about Your post. You can Join Question & Answer websites like , Yahoo Answers, etc and can write your answers or can ask a question. Quora and Yahoo are best platforms when we want Answers or want to ask a Question.

When you search for Any Query you will see Quora or yahoo Answers in result page. You can write your answers related to your post and do not forget to leave your post link if people likes your answer they will show interest in visiting your website. I think this is one of the best way to attract interested people .

6. Photo sharing and Video promotions

Photo sharing is cool because now a days Instagram is most popular of all. You can simply create an Instagram account where you can share photos related to your content or product and can ask people to follow the link for more information. Other major photo sharing sites where you can do the same are Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, etc.

YouTube is the best place for videos. If you have used any video or have created any promotional video then you can share it on YouTube, Facebook, or on twitter. This will make your content more popular.

7. Search Engine Submission

Submit your website to all major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Alexa, etc. You can submit your site to all Major Search Engines through this link :

This is most important because if your site doesn’t appears in Search result then you are dead even after your living happily.

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