How to nutritionally improve bone health along with exercise ?

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How to nutritionally improve bone health along with exercise ?

Let’s talk about a little physiology today. The highlighted topic of today is improving your bone health with exercise and nutrition. But let’s first understand why is bone health required?

Basically, there are different types of bones such as long bones, short bones, flat bones, irregular bones sesamoid bones. But whatever the bone type is, its basic function is performing movement at the joint and for this, the bone needs to be strong and hard, this hardness in the bone is maintained by none other than calcium and along with that, they are surrounded by a matrix of protein fibers and ground substances.

nutritionally improve bone health along with exercise

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Inside the bone, there are cells known as osteoblasts which are immature, osteocytes which are matured cells, and osteoclast which helps in the breakdown. And this breakdown takes place when there is a mechanical load on the bone which triggers various hormones such as growth hormone, estrogen, testosterone, thyroid hormone and insulin to act according to their function but it will also depend on the level of intensity of the activity.

This process of bone breakdown and bone formation is known as bone remodeling. Hence this makes the bone stronger and will minimize the risk to fractures and other injuries. But a majority of the population are seen calcium and vitamin d deficient and hence they are prone to low bone density problems such as osteoporosis and osteopenia.

But people think that normal jogging and walking will give them the solution or either by eating calcium-rich foods. They need to make right choices between physical requirements and nutritional requirements. The reason behind this nutritional deficiency is the typical imbalanced Indian diet and sedentary lifestyle.

And here is the solution.

It is obvious that you need to start your supplementation of calcium supplement, vitamin d, and bone health supplements. A non-working out individual has the requirement of calcium of at least 1000mg, which is not available or rather can not be fulfilled with only food sources and hence it is seen to be calcium deficient. Fulfilling your calcium intake will help in hardening of the bone due to deposition of salts and other minerals.

Along with it, vitamin d will help in the absorption of calcium into the blood. In a normal individual, vitamin D levels get low often in every 3 months, but people who are living a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to vitamin D deficiency. You can supplement vitamin d based on your reports. The normal range for vitamin d is 30dl to 100 dl. But considering the performance point of view, you must target above 60dl.The intake of vitamin d will not he the same for everyone. Weight training with progressive overload will also help you build up good bone density.

Fulfilling your requirement of protein will also play a major role in bone development as may of the ground substances present in the bone are made out of protein.

Other than that other factors affecting bone density can be hormonal changes. Hence women after menopause are more prone to low bone density. The reason behind this hormonal change can be excess adipose tissue store or hereditary but both can be improved by proper supplementation and diet and along with weight training.

Stay tuned for the next topic that is improving joint health through nutrition and exercise.


Last updated: September 3, 2016

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