Modular smartphone by Google : Project Ara

You might be reading first time about modular mobile phones. A modular phone is a new generation smartphone with replaceable parts or components or modules. The main aim of this project is to reduce electronic waste. The picture below is worth a thousand words. Have a look.

modular phone

This is an image by Google Ara project. Learn more about Google Ara.

The image above is publicly known as an Ara frame. It’s kinda mobile with motherboard. And the parts (green, black and white) are attached to the frame. The parts can be camera, speakers, display, battery, external memory and some new gadgets especially made for modular phone. The most important part is the main board (the frame) to which the modules (batteries or cameras) are attached. These parts or components can easily be replaced or removed without having to rework the soldering. The components or modules will be available on the open source stores.

This project will help you not to throw or left your old phone but their parts. That will be the biggest success of Google project Ara. Well I’m desperately waiting for this stuff to come.

This is known as a Google’s modular mobile phone which is likely to be launch in 2017.

What are the advantages of using a modular phone ?

  • Contains all the functionality of a smartphone.
  • Any module works fine on any slot (size matters).
  • User can easily replace the old camera with the new one.
  • As it is the product by Google, it is open source.
  • Huge reduction in electronic waste.
  • User can replace their phone display after giving up with the old.

The idea of modular phone is derived by the project of Phonebloks. Phonebloks was the first open source modular phone concept created by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens. Dave actually created this concept to save and reduce electronic wastes.

The image below completely explains the idea behind Phonebloks.

modular phone
picture from wikipedia

About Modular Phone

There is certain news about Google’s project Ara that will blow your mind. The phone is still in the development age and likely to be hitting the market in 2017. The price of the phone will not be much costly  but the price of the parts may vary. The size of the phone will likely to be around 5.5″ merely similar to Samsung Galaxy S5.

The parts will be attached to the phone with the help of magnetism. There will be a strong bond between the modules and the frame after activating the magnetism. You can only replace the parts after the successful deactivation of magnetism from your phone itself. This is the very new property which will be seen soon in the modular smartphones. They may also use clips for the fixation of modules.

Google is doing every possible thing to make it a better smartphone.

modular phone
picture from Google Ara

Google seems to release an eCommerce website (just like a play store) to sell the components for modular phones. The modular phone can also run android according to Google. It will may run different operating system but till now, No such news discovered. Every news about this phone is still a “may” thing. It has also found that the modules of this mobile will be multi-functional. One thing about this phone is confirmed that, it’ll be durable and will work good till 5 years not one of those which stops working within 2 years.

Google taught me many things including this one that the functions is what should be updated, not the phones 🙂

Well guys I’m damn excited about the release of Google Ara’s modular phone. Let me know if you’re too. If you have some latest news about this topic do share with us and make the use of the comment box. Happy Blogging !



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