Mobile friendly update Google : Make sure your site is Mobile-friendly

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Mobile friendly update Google

Last year Google started using Mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. On Wednesday, March 16, 2016 Google announced a big update coming in May which will affect the ranking of those sites who are not Mobile friendly. Mobile-friendly sites will be given high ranking in Search Results. Mobile friendly update Google

If your site is mobile friendly then you will not be kicked by this update but if your site is not Mobile friendly you will be impacted. Check whether your site is Mobile friendly or not ? Click on the button below to Check Mobile friendliness of your website :

Mobile Friendly Test Tool : Google

This update will not have any impact on Desktop search results but will have impact on mobile search results. As we all know mobile users are increasing continuously. If your site is not mobile friendly, you will lose many visitors as there are many visitors who use mobile phones to find the information on the web and if a site is not mobile friendly it becomes harder to read the text. It is necessary for a website to be Mobile friendly because people largely depend on smartphones “nowadays”.

This update doesn’t means that only mobile friendly sites will have higher rankings in search results if there is any site with great and relevant content and it’s not mobile friendly still could rank well.

If you want to make your site Mobile friendly check this : How to make your WordPress website mobile friendly

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Mobile friendly update Google

Last updated: March 18, 2016

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Durga Mantra

I am agree with you these days mobile searches plays a vital role in ranking. Day by dat smartphone are increasing that day is not far when mobile search will take over desktop search. Thank for news.

Your Most welcome Durga .You are absolutely right the day is not too far when mobile search will take over desktop search.
Keep reading……
Thanks !!!

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