10 Mobile App Development Trends for current Generation

Mobile App Development Trends

Trends are changing every second in our daily basis life. It is very clear that mobile apps have grown up in all the businesses. Now smartphones have become an essential part of our daily life. Now it is like when you wake up in the morning, usually, the first thing that comes to your mind is your so called smartphone. To be very exact, people now days carry their phones to the washroom, while they are getting fresh as nobody wants to get bored inside. Using WhatsApp, listening to music, reading news, watching Youtube, checking emails and so on are some new deeds for this generation. To be crystal clear, your smartphone is leading your life these days.

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There are many top-notch Mobile Development Company offering various application services for iPhone, iPad, and Android. It is said that people who are aged 25 plus are using their phones 264 times a day, which includes calling and texting. People aged 15-24 are more addicted to their phone and use them 387 times a day. It is known to everyone that smartphone and mobile phones are not going to get endangered so soon.

Here are few Mobile App Development Trends

1) Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): What exactly is AMP, it’s basically a new open source initiative, which aims to improve the performance of the mobile web. Today people desire to have a rich content like video, animations, and graphics. This application is started by Google. It is a revolutionary step to change the Mobile app development trends completely.

This application by Google will load much faster on mobile and will even reduce the bounce rate in huge number. Ad publishers will also be benefitted with increased ad visibility and more visitors.

2) AR & VR: So if you’re a tech-savvy and know about mobile app development trends, then AR and VR is not new to you. Augment Reality may not give you the same excitement as Virtual Reality, however, it may prove to be one of the vital keys in your life, because it brings elements of the virtual world, into the real world to the things we hear, see and feel.

Virtual reality is an artificial and computer-generated simulation of real life environment or situation. Virtual reality has been a big revolution in gaming and entertainment sector. Examples of AR games are Pokemon Go, iOnRoad and myNav, whereas, VR devices are Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift.

3) Cloud Driven Mobile Apps: Now most of the people from customers to the tech professions are aware of Cloud technology. Now, this technology is getting famous in the Mobile application. Now you can easily fetch your data from the cloud and take minimum space on your phones internal memory. A research says that cloud apps will see 90% of total mobile traffic by 2019. iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox are few examples of Cloud technology.

4) Enterprise Apps and Micro Apps: The viral role of enterprise mobile application is to help you revamp, reorganize and manage crucial business processes. This application includes automated billing system, payment processing, email marketing system, content management, enterprise research and messaging and collaborating systems.

A micro app is responsible to serve a much-targeted operation and takes fewer loads.

Example of Enterprise mobile app can be collaborating any of the projects from the mobile phones. On the other hand, the Facebook messenger is the best example Micro application, which concentrates on only one task.

5) Security in Apps: It is said that 75% of Mobile apps would not be able to pass the security text. We live in a software-driven world, but securities have not kept the pace well. Hackers will tend to steal sensitive and confidential information. This is one negative mobile app development. To be clear, the JavaScript framework will provide you more secure and scalable mobile app.

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6) External Wearable device: It is said by International Data Corporation that market of wearable devices is going to experience a huge growth rate (CAGR) of 20.3%. People are buying them as they are more stylish and convenient. Some of such devices are Apple Watch Series 1, Google Day Dream View, Pebble 2, Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Fitbit Flex 2.

7) M-Commerce: There were those times when debit cards and credit cards were more in use, instead now Google Wallet and Apple Pay are more in trends these days. This is getting a huge revolution in M-commerce. This transaction is continuing to grow faster and this term includes sale and purchase of any product or services, like online banking or online billing.

8) Internet of Thing: Many businesses these days in the world are talking about the internet of things. Why this technology is making each and every owner so curious. It allows any device or things to be connected to the internet. Any turned-on and off device can be connected easily. Many companies are booting up their infrastructure to refine process and productivity. There are some of the key challenges faced by the business :

• Return on investment from new technology

• Harmonizing new and old technology

• Polished customer experience via use of technology

9) Beacons and Location based services: Few of such beacons services like Apple iBeacons and Google Beacons are popular. Mobile technology has broken down geography and stays connected from anywhere, location is now playing an important role than ever. Now Wifi usage will not be limited to hotels, cafes, or retail outlets. This application is going to see rise beyond this traditional requirement via Wifi support.

10) Swift gets swifter: This is going to be the next generation programming language for IOS developer. Currently Objective – C is in the process and Swift is not going to replace it anytime use.

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So, here I’m wrapping up by saying these apps even have their own importance and now no one relies on outdated tools. People are more addicted to simple, convenient and eye catching things so these apps have really made their customers rely on them.

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