Microsoft’s new Office app now available

Microsoft's new Office app now available

Google once had this amazing ability where you could view and edit Google Docs files from a single Drive app. They split the app into multiple apps. Microsoft is doing just the opposite. Its Android version of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint into one app to rule them all.

Microsoft's new Office app now available

Known as the Microsoft Office, the app was released on its website where only a few could try it. It was known as Early Access and packed quite a punch. Along with the regular apps, the Office includes OneDrive connectivity and support for signing and scanning PDF files.

The best part about the app is that it also synchronizes with the Windows 10 notes application and includes a variation of the Office Lens scanner. But you’ll need to log in to both your PC and your phone with the same account. Lastly, the app also has a QR code reader. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support tablets or Chromebooks. If you try using it, you’ll notice that the new app is locked to portrait mode and has no tablet-specific UI.

If the new app gains popularity, Microsoft could discontinue its old stack of apps.


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