Marathon Preparation tips for beginners

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Marathon Preparation tips 

Marathon Preparation tips

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Marathon is a sport in which the athletes run for 42 km which is a full marathon or 21 km which is a half marathon. But it is a sport for only some population who train like a marathon athlete and who compete of the top 3 positions. Whereas for others it can be a matter of enjoyment and fetching a good experience. Like marathon there is ultra marathon, triathlon and various such run. But as a beginner there are some pointers you need to keep in mind which will help you to improve performance.


The top athletes who run in marathon are born to run for marathon. One reason is that their basic metabolic rate is high ie they burn calories at a faster rate. If you are a beginner and want to compete in marathon you will have to first practice and create for you a training program. Basically you can start by running few miles and challenging the time i.e complete in a minimum time and as and as you improve you can initially break your own records. Start with small distance running and then slowly and gradually increase your distance. You will only improve when you are regularly practicing it. You can also do some endurance work during your training in order to boost performance.

Importance of weight training in long distance run :

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As a beginner you are new to such training. Running is a cardiovascular activity which involes the movement of joints especially the knee and ankle. If you are not having good bone density, you will end up injuring your self and even if you have a good bone density you should continue improving it as will help you be stronger not only for marathon but for any other sport. The reason for the injury is that running is a weight bearing activity hence there is continuous impact on your joints and spine and this is the reason which can fail you achieve your goals.


During your training nutrition should be your first priority as it is a fuel for you which will help you to improve your performance. People often ask me what should I eat before a run. My answer to them is that don’t go for heavy dosages eat which is comfortable for your body to digest it 1 or 2 hr prior to your run. But this dosent apply to all because each body is different some people may end up eating nothing before the run because the feel comfortable with it which is also ok. Basically it depends on person to person. But other than what should you eat before your run you have to focus on what you are eating throughout the day. Your diet should be a proper division of macronutrients(carbohydrates,protein,fats) and also micronutrients(vitamins,minerals,etc)

Over training

You will not be able to excel if you are not giving your body appropriate rest. It is because you body needs time to recover. The signs of overtraining can be :no improvement in performance, fatigue,body ache,joint pain,etc. Hence it is important for you to understand the importance of rest because your body is not a miachine.

So here it was a short glance on how to prepare for marathon for beginners. Let me know which topics you want to discuss in my next blog.

Marathon Preparation tips

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