How to make WordPress website mobile friendly

make WordPress website mobile friendly

Is your WordPress website mobile friendly? You can check it over here: mobile-friendly website test. If you’ll get a “mobile friendly” My website 3nions is a mobile-friendly site. In this post, I will show you some steps to make your WordPress website mobile friendly.


[su_dropcap style=”flat”]A[/su_dropcap]s per today’s generation almost everything is carried out using a smartphone or tablets. There are various types of Android and iOS apps for the users to instantly communicate with others. Whether it is a money transfer, billing, recharge, bookings, education, eCommerce and almost everything is now carrying out by smartphones. The things which were carried out by Laptops and Desktops in the last few years is now carrying out by mobiles and smartphones. Majority of the people coming to your website are likely to be using a mobile device. If you haven’t made your WordPress website mobile-friendly, you should do it now. The below screenshot shows the one which is a mobile friendly website and the one which is not.



The website which has a green tick on it is a mobile friendly and the one having the red cross is not.

For those who are unaware of the mobile-friendly websites, A mobile-friendly website is programmed to view a site in low-resolution devices (such as mobiles and tablets) for the better & improved reading of the contents. As per the Google’s new algorithm for ranking the mobile friendly websites it has become very necessary for the WordPress users to make their websites mobile-friendly. If your theme is mobile friendly then you’re definitely safe, but if not then you will have to take up some measures to make WordPress website mobile friendly.

If you’re using other CMS likes Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, Tumblr, Prestashop, Blogger, Bitrix and other Google has given a complete solution for that. You can check it via this link. WordPress users come with me 🙂

How to make WordPress website mobile friendly

Updating WordPress

When a new version of WordPress is available you will receive an update message on your WordPress Admin Screens. For updating your WordPress version, you will have to click the link provided in the message.

For the WordPress website to be mobile Friendly, it is mandatory to upgrade your WordPress to the latest version. By default, if you’re using an old version, WordPress will let know you to upgrade your files. But if it will not, you can check this extended guide to upgrade your WordPress version.

If you’ll hover over your WordPress Dashboard menu you will find an update button. You can use this button to automatically update your WordPress version without losing your real files and posts.

Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

This is the primary option you can prefer to make your WordPress website mobile friendly.

Your WordPress theme is a fully mobile friendly if it has a responsive.css  in it. This is a principle file for any WordPress theme to be a mobile friendly. This file has important style sheets of the theme which empowers the theme to open perfectly on the mobile devices or smartphones. If your WordPress theme does not have a viewport for mobile and other low width devices, please consider to either change your theme or install a new one.

You can find a number of mobile-friendly WordPress theme in the Theme directory of WordPress. Some best mobile friendly WordPress themes are Sparkling, Dazzling, Hueman, etc. You can also buy some best mobile friendly premium WordPress themes.

Modifying a theme may not affect much on Google, so if your current WordPress theme is not mobile friendly, check for another theme. Below are some of the simple tips to find the best mobile friendly WordPress themes.

You can install any one of them for better SEO and page ranks. While choosing a good theme you should be aware of the time it takes to open on browsers. You can either check it on the Google PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom. Just copy the demo page link to the theme you’re pretending to install and paste it in the URL form on these web pages (Pingdom or insights). It gives scores of 100 points. If the score is good with fewer http requests you can install that theme and make WordPress website mobile friendly.


Check this Best free Online SEO tools to improve your Google page rank.

It is also important for your website to be fast and not take much time to open on mobile devices. Whether your SEO is too good, you have 1000 of backlinks, if your website is running slow, Google will pull you down.

Keep your theme preserved ( use mobile-friendly plugins )

Another way is via plugins. If you don’t want to change your theme which is not a mobile friendly, you can install these plugins which have custom CSS designs and themes for mobile devices. It will help you make WordPress website mobile friendly.

WP Touch



This plugin is WPtouch is a mobile plugin for WordPress that automatically adds a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors to your WordPress website. Recommended by Google, it will instantly enable a mobile-friendly version of your website that passes the Google Mobile test and makes sure your SEO rankings do not drop due to not having a mobile-friendly website. The administration panel allows you to customize many aspects of its appearance, and deliver a fast, user-friendly and stylish version of your site to your mobile visitors, without modifying a single bit of code. Your regular desktop theme is left intact and will continue to show for your non-mobile visitors.

WP Mobile Detector



The WP Mobile Detector WordPress plugin automatically detects if the visitor is using a standard mobile phone or a smart phone and loads a compatible WordPress mobile theme for each.

It is one of the first to differentiate between a standard mobile phone and a smartphone. With advanced mobile statistics, image resizing, automatically formatted content, and detection of 5,000+ mobile phones, the WP Mobile Detector gives your mobile visitors the experience they wish.

Done with these steps. Now check it finally whether your website is a mobile friendly or not… All the best!

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