A simple key to fat loss – Lose fat fast

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A simple key to fat loss!!! ( Lose fat fast )

Every individual on this earth has always heard something or someone’s advice for fat loss no matter what the trick may be but we truly believe in their advice and stupidly follow them without even knowing the scientific reason, its effects, its advantages and disadvantages.

Lose fat fast

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Today let me give you a simple key to fat loss with some scientific knowledge.

There are two types of exercises :

  • Aerobic exercises
  • Anaerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are those which are done for a duration of more than 3 minutes for a continuous period of time.  Swimming, jogging, cycling are some of its examples. These exercises will definitely help you to lose weight but will jot help you to improve your BMI and BMR or metabolism because these type of exercises involve muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance.  Hence the amount of muscle breakdown happening is very low. Hence body does not absorb that much of nutrients in order to recover hence the nutrients remains unused and is then converted into adipose tissue.

On the other hand anaerobic exercises are those which have a duration of less than 3 minutes.  Dead lifts, squats and other weight training exercises are examples of anaerobic exercises. The significance of anaerobic exercises is  that in less than 3 minutes of duration the body is performing that movement at very high intensity as there is large amount of musculoskeletal strength is involved as the muscles contract maximally continuously with the resistance and against the gravity. This than leads to the activation of fast twitch fibres and you can also feel the fatigue in very less time due to absence of oxygen. This than leads to larger damage to the muscles and hence for fulfilling the requirement of those muscles all the nutrients are absorbed.  This results in growth of that muscle and also the growth muscle mass and simultaneously decreasing the fat percentage.

So the conclusion is that anaerobic type of exercises will contribute largely to fat loss.

So get started now.

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Lose fat fast

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