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IPhone Users Can Soon Tap To Pay PayPal And Venmo 

iPhone users can soon tap to pay PayPal and Venmo 

No additional hardware is required for this to work.

iPhone users can soon tap to pay PayPal and Venmo 
Image credits: 9to5Mac

Per PayPal’s third-quarter earnings report announced on Thursday, iPhone owners will soon be able to use Venmo and PayPal apps to take advantage of the tap to pay at participating U.S. merchants.

Tap to Pay was introduced in February, which lets compatible iPhones accept payments via ‌Apple Pay‌, contactless credit and debit cards, and other digital wallets with no additional hardware required.

The only condition is that the user should have an iPhone XS or a newer model.

iPhone users can soon tap to pay PayPal and Venmo 
Image credits: Apple

Tap To Pay has only been functional at Apple Stores and using Square’s merchant app. The addition of Venmo and PayPal makes it easier for consumers and shop owners to make payments without requiring special hardware.

The feature is simple to use. Sellers need to open the app, register the sale, and present their ‌iPhones to the buyer. The consumer can use a suitable contactless payment method. Adyen, Stripe, and many other financial services support Tap to Pay.

PayPal is also planning to add ‌Apple Pay‌ as a payment choice in checkout flows on merchant platforms. Moreover, starting next year, customers in the U.S. will be able to add PayPal and Venmo network-branded credit and debit cards to Apple Wallet, using them in locations where ‌Apple Pay‌ is accepted.

Unfortunately, these new features are only coming to U.S. merchants and U.S. iPhone users. It’s also ambiguous if they’ll be available in other regions.

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