All That We Know About The Latest iPhone 8 So Far

There is a lot of buzz around the upcoming iPhone 8 that is expected to make it to the public this September. The 10th-anniversary release from Apple, iPhone 8 is already a special release in itself. Nevertheless, it is expected to come with a host of new features and a major redesign is on the cards too. So, what do we have for you about the latest sensation from Apple? Well, as there are lots of rumours going around about the upcoming iPhone, we’ll go into some of the major features and design changes that the new iPhone is expected to come with. Let’s discuss everything step by step.

iPhone 8
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What’s New In The iPhone 8 Design?

The first change that we’ll be having in the design of the new iPhone is that Apple will ship iPhone 8 with stainless steel frame and glass-backed body that last came with iPhone 4s, as stated in an article on Apple Pit.

iPhone 8 design

It has been rumoured that there will be three iPhones coming up and the stainless steel frame will be used in the high-end model, the iPhone 8. The other two will be less expensive iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus and they will both have same glass body but will use the aluminium frame. But according to a Japanese source, glass body will only be featured in iPhone 8 while the others will continue with an old aluminium body.

According to reports from Sonny Dickson, the new iPhone will have Touch ID sensor towards the back. But it doesn’t coincide with what Bloomberg says i.e. the iPhone is going to have a stainless steel frame and a glass body. A dummy mockup of iPhone 8 also appeared on Twitter that suggested Apple will keep Touch ID on the front but it will go under the glass.

Touch ID Or Facial Recognition?

In fact, this is one thing that has created a lot of confusion before the release of the new iPhone and there have been lots of rumours floating around this. It was first reported by Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities that Apple plans on eliminating the Touch ID entirely and there will be Facial Recognition to take its place. Though there have been a lot of rumours about Facial Recognition coming in iPhone 8 until this claim from Kuo, there was no such claim that it is completely going to replace the Touch ID as a security measure.

iPhone 8 touch

But after Kuo’s revelations, Bloomberg is also suggestive of the same as they said Apple will be introducing a better security system which will allow customers to make payments via Apple Pay and unlock the iPhone through facial recognition rather than fingerprint sensors. The new technology will be robust enough and nobody will be able to trick it to get access to the system by showing a photograph, for instance.

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In an accidental leak, Apple has confirmed itself that it is working on such facial recognition security system for iPhones. HomePod firmware hinted on what Apple plans to release iPhone 8. The references to the infrared facial recognition in BiometricKit framework – the one used for the Touch ID – confirm that the new iPhone will rely on facial recognition.

Code name that refers to facial recognition is going to be “Pearl” apparently but still, Apple hasn’t confirmed that and we don’t know what it will be called after the launch of the new iPhone 8.

How Is The iPhone 8 Display Going To Be Like?

iPhone 8 is rumoured to include OLED display as Apple earlier signed the deal with Samsung that is expected to produce the OLED displays which are expected to feature in Apple’s devices expected to debut this year.

iPhone 8 display

With these displays in place, there won’t be any need for backlighting which is normally used in the conventional LCD displays. What this translates into is that Apple will be able to trim down the weight and thickness of new displays that will be used in the iPhone 8. Though OLEDs are flexible, Apple plans to introduce flat 2.5 D display in upcoming iPhone.

With OLED displays in iPhone 8, we can expect to have truer colours, improved contrast ratio, better viewing angles, quick response time as compared to LCDs to have better refresh rates, and improved power efficiency for maximizing the battery life of the device.

Talking about the type and size of the display panels, there are several rumours floating around and many believe that there are more than ten prototypes being tested for that. Despite all the rumours around, it seems that we’re going to have 5.8” screens in iPhone 8 whereas the active display will be a bit smaller than that.

What About The New iPhone 8 Processor?

iPhone 8 processor

We previously had A10 processors in Apple’s devices, and now it will be A11 chips debuting with all the 2017 iPhones. The production started back in May this year. Though TSMC was scheduled to begin producing A11 chips in April, it was delayed because of issues with the 10-nanometer FinFET manufacturing process. We expect the new processor to be faster as well as power efficient as compared to previous A10 chips.

Will iPhone 8 Offer Support For Wireless Charging?

Amongst the earliest of rumours that we heard about new features in iPhone 8, there was one that suggested Apple will be introducing wireless charging as it was working on the long-range wireless tech back then. But with latest revelations, it seems that Apple is going to incorporate inductive-style wireless charging in latest iPhone 8. In fact, it has also been confirmed by Wistron – the Apple Supplier – that one of the new iPhones is coming with wireless charging.

iPhone 8 charger

It is expected that iPhone 8 will feature Qi wireless charging tech that will be WPC-based and the users will be able to enable it through an optional accessory that they will have to buy in addition to their new iPhone.


With all its new features and capabilities, iPhone 8 is going to be revealed to the general public in September this year. There are many rumours around about the design and features of the new release from Apple and, in fact, many of them have been confirmed somehow. So, just wait until the second week of September as we’ll see the public reveal of the device by then. Stay tuned and expect a wonderful new iPhone!

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