iPhone 11 Pro to look like Tesla’s new Cybertruck

iPhone 11 Pro to look like Tesla's new Cybertruck
Image Source: India Today

iPhone is mainly known for its premium brand quotient and quality design. Caviar recently announced the Cyberphone which is an iPhone that has been modified to look like Tesla’s recently launched electric truck. The iPhone 11 Pro has been redesigned by the Russian firm Caviar in order to make it look like the Tesla Cybertruck. Caviar is selling the Cyberphone for $15,860 (Approx. Rs 11.3 lakh).

Image Source: India Today

Cybertruck is Tesla’s latest electric vehicle that is primarily meant to replace conventional trucks and is available at a starting range of $40,000 in the US. Cyberphone has a folding cover and will protect the display from breaking in case of an accidental drop. It is now available for pre-order but it will be available in limited units (99 to be precise).


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