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Last time I took the interview of blogging Diva Preet Sandhu. Just in-case if you haven’t read her inspirational story here is the link :

In today’s interview, we will be talking with Sanu Siddharth started his blog with the sole intention to become an awesome resource and help others learn about Internet Marketing and Blogging.

Q. Hi Siddharth,Please tell our readers about yourself and your blogs.

Hi Guys, I am Sanu Siddharth Aka Siddharth Sharma from Badaun (U.P.). By Education, I’m Appearing in Graduation (B.Sc.), Whereas blogging and online marketing is my profession. I’ve been blogging since 2013 and so far it’s been a great journey. I have worked on around 14-15 blogs and websites. Currently, I am using my Passing for Blogging at OnlyLoudest and few more blogs (niche Blogs).

Q. How you first got involved in with blogging?

Actually it was my passion about to do something interesting and also work should be related to the Internet, and then I found this “Blogger” platform seriously when the first time I logged in there with my Gmail Id I don’t know what is this and how this odd looking site can build a website for me . Then I skipped that for a year and again remembered to check my blogger account, is there any update? So I saw few little views daily I am getting seriously 😀 that was robot views nothing else but only those few robot views work for me like a motivation to do more work and become famous like other sites .

Then again I skipped my idea because Domain Cost was approx. Rs.500 that was a huge amount for me being an 8th or 9th class student so I thought I can’t do it or this is not for me. But again I continued my work on free Blogspot platform and I made my first income and then bought my first domain trick4pc and worked a lot there but I failed in driving traffic on that blog . but I never lose my hope and again came with and now still it’s running.

Q. Can you share about the blogging event in which you made 6000$ ?

Me , Atinder and Chetan , I am lucky that I got these 2 loving and hard working guys not only they worked they always play a major role in my blogging journey . With these guys, we try a chance to event blogging which was Happy New Year event and the site was on top in Google and easily we made Approx $6000 through Google Adsense .

If you want to know more you can read complete guide here – How we Earned $6000 in 5 days

Q. Describe the role of Ankit Singla in your blogging Journey.

Yeah, Ankit Singla is a guy who motivated me to start my blogging journey again with proper On-page SEO knowledge and at least few important points he teaches me personally and lot for me . So that’s why he played the major role in kicking my career .

Q. What was your reaction when your story got featured on yosuccess a year ago ?

Yeah! Really it was amazing for me , if we see from starting if someone appreciates your work , this always gives smile and happy feel too self . So as that same time when I got mail from YoSuccess with few questions and they wants to feature me on their magazine based site so it was like a sweet moment for me because being a 12th class student and I got featured on that site where many of Entrepreneur’s story already published .

Q. What’s your view on Internal marketing ?

Internal Marketing is very helpful if you wants to build your product as a brand because you must need to target customer related to your product and relation between you and those target customers internal marketing for me . Actually, build the quality product and promote it with confidence with those I am sure you don’t need to do much work on marketing because your result will shout in the market .

Q. What was your happiest moment in blogging journey ?

At the age of playing cricket with gully friends and I was doing blogging sitting from home and got my first cheque from Google and that was one the attractive or point of showoff (By the way it was not show off , because it’s only I know how much work I did to earn that income with using 2G slow speed net connection and work all day and night because I was noob in Blogging ) so as you know Google is one of the Biggest brands if we think about the Internet , being a village guys + 10th class student and I got cheque from that company so I can say that was the happiest moment in my blogging journey .

Q. What are your future plans about your blog ?

At this time I am focusing on building quality content and informative guide to my readers , currently I am monetizing my blog with some Affiliate networks and my future plan is to increase my income from Affiliate and coming soon with Startup.

Q. What is your social networking strategy?

Yeah This is important point to build your social network strong and powerful because it can help you to increase traffic and followers of your blog as well as your own because you are a writer and you need a powerful connection with your mates and readers to I basically like to connect with my readers and mates especially because these are only those because of them OnlyLoudest is getting hits and also I can easily understand what my readers wants from me.

Q. Which is the major source of traffic for your blogs ? Search Engine or Social Media ?

My Blog traffic source is Search engine & Social media but mostly 70-80% traffic from Search Engine .

Q. What’s the best thing a blogger can give to his readers?

Depends on Niche of the blog , according to my blog as it’s related to Internet Marketing & SEO so I try to provide the complete detailed guide to my readers by which easily he/she can understand and implement techniques on their projects.

Q. Any suggestion that you would like to give ?

Actually Mihir, you are already doing great and hard work I am impressed by your dedication for blogging . My suggestion if you serious about blogging then take it like a Drug and never leave this addiction because you can grow only with this dedication . Cheers!

Thank You Siddharth for sharing your interesting experience with us. This will help many newbies.

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