Interview with Nitin Maheta :

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Interview with Nitin Maheta :

Interview with Nitin Maheta :

Interview with Nitin Maheta : , Interview with Nitin Maheta : , Interview with Nitin Maheta :

This was my first interview with a passionate blogger Nitin Maheta (Founder of He is Blogging since 6 years from now and he’s a great SEO writer. He is very popular among the Bloggers and has created this with his own efforts. He is inspiration of mine and many other Bloggers. He is the one who thinks that,

When you have passion in something; you don’t need any dose of motivation. My motivation is my passion towards blogging itself.

So come’on guys and let see that how he developed himself in his local Blogosphere.

Interview with Nitin Maheta :

  1. Can you tell all the readers about yourself and your blog?

First of all, Thanks for inviting me here. I am Nitin Maheta from Rajkot, Gujarat who started blogging to showcase his talent into a blogging niche. You people might just laugh off, but yes, blogging was just an unplanned part of my career. It was my hobby and I even didn’t have any knowledge about the SEO.

  1. What motivated you to start blogging?

Blogging is my passion. And I think when you have passion in something; you don’t need any dose of motivation. Or I can say my motivation is my passion towards blogging itself.

  1. When did you start blogging?

It is almost 6 years now when I started blogging as my passion, but now I am a professional full-time blogger. And now, when I look back I feel that without blogging my life would have remained a tough one. My hard work and dedication paid me off well and now, blogging has become my foray to learn and earn.

  1. According to you, Do Blogging has a future?

I think blogging will always be the one way of connecting to people and as a voracious reader; I do hope that it will be true. With time blogging is changing and so is the density of the information, the jeopardy of the inbound model and distribution of the new imperatives. Coming back to my town, Rajkot, a small town in Gujarat where people do not have much knowledge about the online sources of earning money. Presently, I won’t be able to give any surety about the future of blogging in my town because it is least known by the people. But yes, people like me would go ahead to make people learn about blogging and help them to earn money online.

  1. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

As I already told you that blogging was my passion which has made me grow into a professional full-time blogger. I don’t have anything much to do professional apart from blogging.

  1. What is your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

I do feel that I am the unluckiest person on this planet because whatever I did, I failed. But, the failures made me strong enough to fight back and give those people who laughed at me an answer that their criticism is the only thing which made me stronger. And now, I have Blogging, which is my best friend. Blogging helped me in learning the fact that if a person fails in one thing it doesn’t mean that he cannot achieve success in anything. It is rightly said by the people that life had endless opportunities from which we have to choose the one for which we are passionate about. You need not wait for the opportunities, but just give your 100%. Opportunities don’t come to us because we are the opportunities creators.

  1. What advice would you like to give to newbies?

If you are a beginner, then one thing which I want you people to remember is to concentrate on the Quality Content and your daily hard work. Don’t just wait for the results because you will earn the money eventually and get the fruitful results in the end.

  1. Tell us about your proudest achievements? (In blogging)

I just believe in making my parents proud of me rather than making myself a proud person. But yes, I achieved a lot in my life because of blogging. I have more than 1500 blogger friends on my Facebook profile and I have learned a lot from them about blogging. So, I want to say thanks to all those people who helped me through my blogging journey. I hope that we all will remain friends till eternity and support each other in all ups and downs.

  1. How many website are you running now?

I have two blogs; one is the primary one, Making Different, which is a general niche blog where I provide valuable information associated with almost all the categories associated with our daily lives. Another one is Top10RateList, which is my secondary blog, where I share the top list of the products according to the price range which is suitable for the readers to fulfill their needs and requirements.

  1. How do you think I rate your blog as an interviewer?

Both of my blogs, Making Different and Top10 Rate List help people in one or the other way. In fact, in simple words, I would say that with these two blogs people need not to go searching and looking out the solutions for their queries as these two blogs provide them everything. I feel as an interviewer you would rate my blog 9 out of 10, because we should always leave a little scope of improvement in us.

  1. What was your most challenging moment in your blogging  journey so far?

I still remember the day when my blog was marked as spam by the blogger automated classification system. It was the most fateful day, 7th March 2013. My blog hosted on featured more than 500 articles which had good ranking in the Google search engine. It was the day when I felt that I failed because I had lost everything. I cried my heart out and even didn’t slept for weeks. And then suddenly I met Mr. Bhavesh Sondagar, founder of who showed me a better way to come out of the situation. He advised me to start my blog with WordPress. To be honest, I was new to the WordPress, but he helped me to move forward and helped me through it. And finally, I am here, a proud owner of MakingDifferent. Though I got my blog back after 1 year, yet my heart never trusted them again.

  1. Can you name your favorite bloggers?

All the bloggers in my network are my favorites because each one of them has something to share with me and I learn something from them every day. I learn from every blogger as well as read and share important information with my readers too.

  1. Did you had any professional help or you just created your blog yourself?

When I created my blog with, it was created by myself. But when it was about first time on WordPress, Mr.BhaveshSondagor helped me in creating and setting up of my blog. And today, I know all the basics about WordPress, hosting, SEO and everything about blogging. You can check out MakingDifferent, the theme has been created by me.

  1. Is blogging your profession or a hobby?

I already told you that blogging was a passion which turned into my professional career. Yes, you can also say that blogging is my hobby because apart from blogging, I have nothing to do in my life. I just love blogging.

  1. Lots of people think that blogging is an easy way to earn money online. What do you want to tell those people?

No doubt. Blogging has been made easy, yet it is not an easy way to earn money online because it requires your hard work. And it is your hard work which will pay you. It is a simple way of communicating with the customer base. Obviously, starting a blog is easy, but you will be successful in earning when your blog will get established.

Interview with Nitin Maheta :

Interview with Nitin Maheta :

Interview with Nitin Maheta :

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