Interview with Aswini Vadapalli – The girl never give up.

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Interview with Aswini Vadapalli

Interview with Aswini Vadapalli - The Girl who never give up

Interview with Aswini Vadapalli – The Girl who never give up

This is my second Interview but first with a female blogger. She is Aswini Vadapalli specialize in writing SEO articles and mind behind the

She is currently working for an IT company in Chennai.

Let’s hear more from her. This is her blogging story !

Q: Can you tell all the readers about yourself ?

Ans – Thank you Mihir for having me here. I am really happy for being here. I am Aswini Vadapalli founder of Myvash a technology and blogging blog, I am basically from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Born and brought up at Jajpur, Orissa. Currently, I am working for an IT company in Chennai.

Q: What motivated you to start blogging?

Ans – I liked to give presentations during my college days. So I used to gather and share the information which I was knowing with my friends. Then, I thought of having a blog of my own where I could help others. So there where I started to do the blog.  First, It was BlogSpot and then migrated to WordPress after few months left it.
But it was never serious during those days it was just a hobby to post whatever I used to know. So, it was how I started blogging, there was no such incident that had happened particularly to motivate me.

Q: Why did you stop blogging?

Ans – I was into my education and was concentrating on my academic’s. So, I was just far from blogging and didn’t get enough time to blog so I quite blog for some period.

Q: When did you start blogging again?

Ans – I started blogging again in 2015, after graduating, I was in search of a job. So, I was having a thought to start a start-up based company but due to some personal issues and financial crises, I didn’t start at that time and then finally one day I felt to start blogging again.  So I started my journey as a blogger and it’s also beginning for an entrepreneur.  As I am trying to launch my own startup in future days.

Q: What is the best and worst thing about blogging ?

Ans – If we start telling in depth this question will take a long 3000 words articles but for short, the best thing about bloggers they can easily connect with new people and they will be crucial and people who see his blog will believe him/her and he will be vital for any product sales or helps etc…………
And the worst of blogging that every blogger feel is building links and getting organic traffic.

Q: Do you think content is king?

Ans – Yeah!  I personally feel content is king.  If one’s content is good, visitors would definitely come back to your website.  But, also content may not be considered for traffic. Moreover, it’s the promotion by which you promote your site in all possible ways.  And taking the blog to perfect customer or influencers will generate more results.

Q: Which is your best blog post?

Ans – There are a few blogs which are famous on my blog and getting organic traffic from, but you asked for best so I am having three best posts.
The post that I have researched a lot and spent more time is “How to get into Yahoo news”.
But the post which was more appreciations by the audience was: “Finding a free image online” and “9 crucial WordPress setting”. So, these are the best post in my blog.

Q: What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?  What is your social networking strategy?

Networking places a vital role in traffic as we all know that, but getting more traffic is somewhat difficult for new bloggers.
For them there is a small trick which can increase their traffic:
First, they must see the topic on which they have written, and then search for that keyword in google, then after see the first 5 results of google and then AdWords ads, now paste those heading in a side and post them on your social media sites simultaneously.  It’s the best way to get more potential influencers as well as an audience to your sites.
And Posting twice a day in twitter will give you a good amount of traffic, but remember don’t post the same article again and again with the same heading, use different types of heading to attract more audience.
These are a few networking strategies I work with it may help you as well.

Q: Is blogging is the only thing you do? How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Ans – No, Blogging is the hobby for me, currently I work for an IT Company as a software engineer apart from my blogging.  These days it’s being tough for me to manage my blog. I usually do blog during my free time on the day and spend the most time on the blog during weekends.

Q: What is your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

Ans – Till date I have not faced any failure changing my life. Moreover, I don’t consider anything as a failure. Everything good or bad that happen is a lesson and it surely happens for a cause.

Q: What was your most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Ans – The most challenging moments for any bloggers is to get traffic and to generate backlinks, For me Getting backlinks and taking our content to pro-bloggers is the toughest that I have faced.

Q: Can you name your favorite bloggers?

Ans – There are more bloggers who give a lot of info and I read several blogs but my favorite bloggers are Brain Dean (Backlinko), Darren Rowse (Problogger), Harsh Agarwal (Shoutmeloud) and Neil Patel (Quick Sprout and Neil Patel).

Q: Is blogging your profession or a hobby?

Ans – Right now its hobby, planning to change it as a profession.

Q: Most of the people think blogging is an easy way to earn money online. What do you want to tell to such people?

Ans – As people think it’s not so easy to earn through blogging.  Blogging requires a lot of patience and hard work. If one can have a patience for a long time and puts on efforts will definitely earn a good amount.

Q: How many visitors do you get daily?

Ans – I get traffic around 3000-5000 visitors per day as I am part time blogger.  I do not publish daily and don’t promote my content daily so it’s a little amount of traffic  I get, but In weekends, I get more traffic nearly 7k.

Q: Your words for 3nions and me ?

Ans – 3nions is the best site which I was happy after visiting your website as you have very nice design and content is good and you are publishing nice articles and frequently as well but the only concern about your site is site speed you better check that Mihir.
And coming to you Mihir you are tech enthusiastic and very kind man and thanks interviewing me, I hope your audience will learn few strategies from me.

Q: If you like to add something I have missed?

Ans – Lastly writing give us potential to influence people and make them feel real, Don’t worry about the outcome of the post write what’s in your mind and sharp it with your creativity that’s it, It will open the flood gates for your success so friends have a great year and keep on blogging.

Thank you so much Aswini for sharing about your slice of the blogging  journey with me and my readers. I hope your story will inspire so many.

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Interview with Aswini Vadapalli

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Last updated: June 14, 2016

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I am Mihir Gadhvi, author of this post. Currently, a BMS student and I love spending quality time on Social Networks. I manage All Social pages of 3nions.


Amar Banshiwal

Hi Mihir,
Informative interview with Aswini. I read regular your blog, Because, It’s my favourite blog.

glad to hear that Amar Banshiwal

Sobhana Satapathy

Hi Ashwini,

Nice to know that you have become a successful startup entrepreneur in blogging world. I have read all your blogs and I have got to know some core contents on wordpress blogging from this which I was not knowing only. I think it will be better for me learn something more which can make my career go ahead with success and happiness.

Personal Message: Hi, Ashu, We met, we enjoyed and a lots of happiness shared at college. Missing those days yaar. Good to know that you have started this. God bless you. Last party hard at your home only I could remember.

Aswini Vadapalli

Hi, Sobhana nice to see such a nice comment from you. I wish all the best for your career as well, and have a nice year.


Nce interview article.. very useful too.. I am also trying to get more traffic.. Kindly gv some tips. pls check my website too..

Aswini Vadapalli

Thanks for stopping here and expressing your thoughts that it is useful.
If you need suggestion about traffic and any blogging such things you can ping me any time i will try my best to help you.
Meanwhile, I have seen your site, and found few things which you must improve about seo and more. Ping me for more details.

Aswini Vadapalli, have readed you 2 times in 3nions. I loved a lot to hear your inspirational story. Thank you for helping rising bloggers like me. I truly want to say that you’re doing best and keep up. You described well and it’s really helpful for us. I have to learn a lot from you guys. Thanks again. Best luck for your future. 😉

Thanks for your valuable interaction Sameer

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