Indian teen uses Apple Watch’s LTE feature to call for help after a serious accident

Tim Cook thanked the teen for sharing his story.

Indian teen uses Apple Watch's LTE feature to call for help after a serious accident
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Smit Metha, a teenage boy from Maharashtra, credited his Apple watch for saving his life. He was trekking in Lonavala with his friends when he met with an accident.

The 17-year-old used the Apple Watch to call his friends, who rescued him after he slipped into a valley and sustained injuries.

The incident occurred on 11th July, when the Pune resident was headed to Lonavala for a trek with his three friends.

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While on their way back, he slipped 150 feet down a valley on a rainy day. He got stuck on a tree and stone after falling and suffered a broken ankle.

Metha was later admitted to a hospital in Lonavala and underwent surgery on July 16 in Pune after his wound was infected. He was shifted to a Mumbai hospital due to difficulties and was finally discharged on August 7.

“My Apple Watch came to my rescue as I was able to make those important phone calls. I am alive because of the Cellular Apple Watch model I own. I was bleeding, and I was in a deep forest. If I didn’t have an Apple Watch, they would have taken more time to find me. That let me connect with my family and friends at the right time, without the need for a phone,” he told India Today.

Grateful for his Apple watch, Smit Mehta wrote an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook to share his story. The teenager got a reply from the CEO to his email, who wished him a speedy recovery and thanked Smit Mehta for sharing his story.

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